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What are products on Nexudus Spaces?

On Nexudus Spaces, the products feature lets you create a list of services or items that space members or contacts can buy in advance. Products can be sold on the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account or via the dashboard.

Products can also be added to member's accounts as a one-off or recurrent purchase linked to their price plan. In this case, Nexudus Spaces will raise an invoice for the product every time the price plan is renewed.

Products can also include Time passes, Resource credit or Booking credit. In these cases, members or contacts will be charged the product price instead of the individual price that each item has. This means that you can sell 'Bundled' Products products in batches that have a given number of these items at a reduced price. For example, some spaces usually offer promos like "5 days' access to the space with 25% discount". All you have to do is add the product, assign the special price and include five day passes to the space.

Product Types:

In Nexudus Spaces, products can be bought as a single product or a bundle. A single product is an individual item or service with a price that the member or contact will be charged by an invoice. As mentioned above, bundles can include other items such as time passes, resource rates or booking credits and are renewed as regularly as you set. In this section, we are going to focus on adding a single product. For more information on this subject, go to the Products section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base.

Adding a single product on Nexudus Spaces

  • Go to the products section via Billing > Products and click on Add Product.

  • Fill in all of the required fields (i.e. those marked with an asterisk (*)). In this example, we're going to add the product "bicycle parking space", which lets a member park their bicycle in the coworking space. We can also add tags to products so that they can be viewed in groups. In this example, we have used the tag "mobility"; we have made it "visible" and set the price at "$20". Lastly, click on the Save button located in the top right corner.

  • Check that the product has been added correctly to the list of products.

Including a product in a price plan

So, we've set up the product "bicycle parking space". And now what do we do? As we have mentioned previously, products can be sold to members via the space website or the dashboard. During your first steps using the platform, we are going to focus on assigning a product to a price plan. For more information and to find out all the possible options, go to the Products section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base.

We are going to assign the product that we just added to one of the price plans that is already on our account. When the price plan is renewed, the product will be included.

Remember that by adding a product to a price plan, that product's cost will be added to the amount given for that price plan.

  • Access the price plan list via Billing > Price Plans and click View this record's details next to the price plan that will include the product. In this example, it's "permanent desk price plan".

  • In the Products tab, click on Add Price Plan Product. 

  • Choose the product parking in the pop-up window and click on Save.

  • Lastly, check the product details to make sure it has been included correctly.

Great! You've added a product to a price plan! In later sections, we will see other Product settings.

Guide to setting up products

  • General - Details


Enter the space name that will be linked to this product. If you manage several spaces with Nexudus Spaces, choose the ones you want to link to this product from the drop-down menu.


Enter the product name in this field. For example, catering, locker usage, company registration service, etc.

Description *

Enter the product details. This information will be displayed on the space website when the price plan is set as "visible".


Tags help you organise the products that feature on the space website. There is a sub menu on the space website product browser for each of the tags.


Enable this option if you want the product to be visible on your account's space website.

Display Order*

Set the order that the product is viewed on the space website. The lowest number appears first. If you leave this field blank, the products will be listed in order of price.

  • General - Prices

Unit Price*

Enter the price that you want to give this product. Remember that the price of the product is the amount that the member or contact who wishes to purchase it will be charged, not the price of the items that could be included in said product (i.e. time passes, resource rates, etc.).


Choose the currency of the product. It must be the same as the default currency that you are using in the space.

Tax Rate

This field is for the tax rate that is applied to the product when it is invoiced. In general, you should not fill in this field if the tax rate is set by default on the space account. You can set the general tax rate by going to Space Settings > Billing > Tax. Sometimes the tax rate may be different for certain products. All you have to do is add a tax rate with the applicable percentage and select it when you set up the product.


  • General - Availability

Available as

Products can be set up so that they can be a single or recurrent product, or both options. In this field, you must specify if the product that you are setting up will be available as a single or recurrent purchase, or both.

Only available for

Products can be set up so that they can only be purchased by members who have signed up to certain price plans. If you would like to limit the product to certain price plans, choose said price plans from the drop-down list.