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What's Authorize.NET?

Authorize.NET lets your members pay with a credit or debit card directly on your site. When using Authorize.NET, invoices are marked as paid automatically after a successful transaction. Additionally, we can store the credit card details of each member on Authorize.NET servers, using a service called Customer Information Manager (CIM). This means that, after the first transaction, we can charge your members automatically for subsequent invoices.

You can enable Authorize.NET payments in Billing > Payment Gateways. Type the API login and Transaction Key you were given when opening a merchant account with Authorize.NET.


  • Countries it can be used in: Multiple Countries
  • Currencies supported: USD
  • Automatically collects payments?: YES. 3 days after the invoice is raised.

  • Reminds members to pay invoices?: Every day until the invoice is paid.

  • Automatically pays invoices after successful transactions?: YES.

Paying an invoice

To pay an invoice, a member needs to access the space website. You can find out the address of your "Space Website" by click on the "Space Website" button, in the top right corner of any of the pages in the admin site.

Once in the space website, the member needs to log in and then access the section Payments in the main navigation menu.

Once in the Space Website, the member needs to log in and then access the section Payments in the main navigation menu.

Automatic Payment Collection (Regular Payments)

Authorize.Net can securely store the member credit card details. This way we can instruct Authorize.NET to make new charges against that card when new invoices are raised for the member.

To do this, the member has to pay an invoice using the option “Setup Regular Payments”. If the transaction to pay for this first invoice is successful then the card details of the members are available to pay for new invoices.

If, for some reason, the stored card details are no longer valid, the invoice will fail to be paid and a note will be added to that invoice. You can see these notes at the bottom of each invoice.

If this is the case, the member will also receive an email. You can edit the contents of this email from the message template editor. If the member has stored the credit card details you can also request a payment at any point, there is no need to wait for Nexudus Spaces to request the payment.

We never (ever) store credit card details in our servers. Although all communications with our servers are encrypted using industry standard methods, we never store your members’ card details and we always rely on the payment providers to this for us.

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