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Calendar on Nexudus Spaces 

Your Nexudus Spaces account has a calendar that lets coworkers and administrator users check when space resources are available, make bookings or view events that are planned to take place in the coworking space. This calendar can be accessed from the dashboard or the space website linked to your account. 

Where can I find the calendar? 

  • Via the dashboard: Click on the Bookings or Bookings Today shortcut links on the home page. 

  • You can also access the calendar via Space > Bookings.

  • Via the Space Website: Coworkers can view the calendar and make bookings by going to [YourSpaceName] > Bookings on the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account. 

We'll now explain the different operations that you can perform using the calendar, such as adding, editing and cancelling bookings. We'll also explain how Events work in Nexudus Spaces and explain how they're directly linked to this calendar.