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What is Check-In on Nexudus Spaces?

The Check-In module on Nexudus Spaces lets you manage when members access your space and how long they spend there. Just like at a hotel reception, when a member arrives at your space, you check them in and when he or she leaves, you check them out. When you use the Check-In feature in your space, you can produce detailed reports and analyse how different members use the space, the busiest days, peak times during the day, etc. Furthermore, you can control how price plans that have a limited time are used.

Check-In and Time Passes

On Nexudus Spaces, Check-In is directly linked to Time Passes. To check members in, they must have a valid time pass on their account, which grants them access to the space. Time passes can be day-based or minute-based. Day-based passes grant access to the space for a calendar day, while minute-based passes can be used on different days, as long as the pass has minutes available on it. If you would like more information about how they work, go to the Time Passes section on the Knowledge Base.

How do I check a member in with Nexudus Spaces?

There are several ways to check members in and out on Nexudus Spaces:

  • Manual check-in using the Check-In module

The simplest way to check space members in and out is using the Check-In module included on the Nexudus Spaces dashboard (Home > Dashboard). In this case, the space managers would check a member in or out when he/she arrives or leaves. This method's main disadvantage is that you need someone to be responsible for this task, given that it is a manual process.


  • Using RFID readers and cards

A semi-automated method is using cards and an RFID reader. In this instance, a reader is fitted in the space entrance, connected to a computer with the Nexudus Spaces dashboard open. Each member would have a coded card that he/she must tap on to the reader on entering or leaving the space. The reader is integrated with Nexudus Spaces so that every time a member taps their card on to the reader, the platform checks the corresponding member in or out. This process is not manual like the last one, although it does depend greatly on the human factor, i.e. that members remember to tap in and out.

  • Checking in via Wi-Fi

Space members can be checked in and out using your Wi-Fi connection. In this case, when members try to connect to your Wi-Fi network, they will be asked to enter their Nexudus Spaces login details and they will be checked-in automatically. The platform checks that the member is connected every 15 minutes, and if not, it checks him/her out. Nexudus Spaces automatically checks all members out at the end of the day. This is the most popular check-in method among Nexudus Space users, as the process is highly automated. The only case in which members would not check in using this method is if he/she were to work in your space without connecting to the Internet, which is not very common these days.  

  • Access Control and check-In

Another way of automating check-in via Nexudus Spaces is by linking it to an access control at the door. This type of system is more costly, although it does let you physically control access to the space. When members access the space, Nexudus Spaces checks them in automatically on the platform. The platform also checks them out when they leave the space. 

Below, we'll explain how to use the Check-In module on Nexudus Spaces. In the integrations section, you can find more detailed information about the systems that are integrated with the platform to manage check-ins using RFID cards, Wi-Fi or access control. 


Using the Check-In module on Nexudus Spaces

How do I check in a space member?

To check a member/contact in, he/she must have at least one valid time pass. In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to sell or assign a time pass to a member and then how to check the member in with Nexudus Spaces. This could happen, for example, when someone arrives at the space who is visiting the city and would like to work in your space. To continue with this tutorial, you must check that your account has at least one time pass set up (all-day pass, 24/7 pass, morning pass, afternoon pass, etc.). If you do not have a time pass set up on your account, you will not be able to sell it to the contact or member, and in turn, you will not be able to check him/her in. If you need to add a time pass to your account, go to the Time Passes section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base. 

We presume that you've already added the contact on your Nexudus Spaces account and that you have added a time pass to access the space . Follow these simple steps to sell the time pass to a member or contact and then check him/her in:

  • Go to the member or contact's account via the main menu on the dashboard, via Space > Members / Contacts. You will see the list of members/contacts. View the details of the member to whom you want to sell the time pass. 

  • Go to the Time Passes tab and click on Add Member Time Pass.

  • Choose the time pass that you want to sell from the drop-down menu and click on Save. You can fill in the rest of the fields, but this is optional. Below is a guide with more information about each of the fields. 

  • General - Details



Issued by*Enter the space name that will be linked to this time pass.
Time Pass*Choose the time pass you want to sell from the list.

Add any notes that you would like to include. They will appear on the invoice along with the time pass description when you have the Include Time Pass Notes enabled in the Space Settings.

No. Time Passes*If you would like to sell more than one unit of this time pass, enter the quantity in this field. Leave this field blank if you only want to add one.
  • General-Price


FreeEnable this option if you DO NOT want to charge the member for this time pass.
PriceOnly fill in this field if you want to offer a price that is different to the one set by default for this time pass.
Expire DateSet an expire date for the time pass if you want it to expire by a certain date.


  • Check that the time pass has been added correctly to the member's account. 

  • Then, you only need to click on the Check-In/Out button on the top right of the profile screen to complete his/her check-in in the space. The platform will use the pass that you have just sold the member. 

  • Lastly, if you would like to check the member or contact out, you only have to click on the Check-In/Out button again, which is located on the top right of their profile.
  • You must wait a while between the check-in and being able to check-out; otherwise you will receive a warning message.


We have just looked at how to sell a time pass to a member or contact. This time pass will be invoiced to the member/contact on the next invoice that is raised. When you check the member in, you are using this time pass. If it is a day-based pass, it will be marked as used. If you sold the member a minute-based time pass, Nexudus Spaces will count the minutes until check-out and will subtract them from the pass. For more information about how time passes work and can be used, go to the Time Passes section on the Knowledge Base.

Check-In module on Nexudus Spaces

In addition to the Check-In/Out button on a member's profile, Nexudus Spaces also has a Check-In module that you can use from the dashboard to manage the check-ins of any member or contact signed up to your account. As we've already mentioned, remember that you can only check in members or contacts that have a valid time pass. 

You can access the check-in module via the Nexudus Spaces dashboard (Home > Dashboard).

  • Checking a member in or out via this module is simple. You only have to choose the person from the list and click on the Check-In/Out button. If he/she has a valid time pass, the platform will confirm the member check-in or check-out, where relevant. 

  • You can use the same button to check the member out when he or she leaves the space. 
  • If you would like to view a real-time list of check-ins in your space, you can do so via the View all check-ins button or the main menu going to Space > Check-ins.

In this section, you can view all the check-ins made by members and contacts. Furthermore, if you manage several spaces from your Nexudus Spaces account, you can filter and view the check-ins for each space. Lastly, you can also create a check-in directly from this section. We'll look at the different processes below. 

Editing a Check-In

If need be, you can edit existing check-ins on the Member/Contact tab in the Check-Ins section. To do so, hover the mouse over the check-in that you want to edit. If you click on it, you can move its position in the time bar. If you click on one side, you can modify the start and end time. To remove the check-in, use the cross icon (1). To manually edit the details, use the settings icon (2).


  • For example, if you move the end time of the check-in, (3) you can check how the record is updated and the platform will notify you with a message. 

Creating a Check-In 

In Check-In, you can create a check-in by going directly to the Create Check-In tab. To do so, just choose the member or contact that you want to check in and fill in the start time and end time. Lastly, click on Save

Checking all members out

If at any moment you need to check all members from out of the space, you can do so from the Check-In/Out module. On the Nexudus Spaces dashboard home page, go to the Check-In module and click on Check Everyone Out. The platform will then show you a message indicating the end of the process. 

Checking in using RFID cards and reader


The next level of space member check-in automation would be using an RFID card reader and access cards.


Any M400 USB model, 125 kHz device or proximity card reader can be used to check members in.

To use such a system, you will need to have a USB reader connected to a computer with which you can access your Nexudus Spaces account. You must install the reader in the entrance or reception of your space and when a member enters, he or she must tap the card on to the reader. The platform will detect the card's code and check in the member linked to this card to your Nexudus Spaces account.


Hardware required

If you want to use check-in via an RFID card reader, you will need a card reader and a card for each member that is going to use space check-in. The reader must be connected to a computer that has your Nexudus Spaces dashboard open when members check in or out.

  • Card reader

Nexudus Spaces works with any type of card reader that "types out" the ID on the keyboard. This means that when one of the coded cards is tapped on to the reader, it is as if you'd typed out its ID on the keyboard. Most USB readers work in this way, meaning that you do not need to install software or additional drivers for them to work with Nexudus Spaces. 

Here are some examples of models:


  • Cards

The cards must be compatible with the card reader model that you decide to use. You can use any type of pre-coded card with the readers mentioned above. They are often called EM400 or 125 kHz cards. Each of the cards comes with a unique code. You must register this number on the member's profile so that the member can use it to check-in via Nexudus Spaces. Here are a couple of links to purchase this type of card:

These are just some examples, if you search for suppliers in your area, you may find better deals. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these cards.

How do I use RFID check-in on Nexudus Spaces?

Using the RFID system on Nexudus Spaces is simple. You can do so following these steps:

  • Firstly, connect the reader to your computer and wait for the required files to install. You do not normally have to install any type of driver.
  • Test the reader. To do so, open a note file in your preferred text editor (Word, Open Office, Notepad) and then tap the card on to the reader. The card number should appear in the note file that you opened. 
  • Register the card number on the profile of the member that is going to use it. To do so, go to the member's profile via Space > Members and click on View this record's details. In the Integrations tab, fill in the Access Card ID field with the code that this member will use. You can complete this process more quickly if you click on the field with your mouse and tap the card on to the reader. The card code will be written in said field. When you do so, you will receive an error message stating that the card details are not valid. This is completely normal because you are swiping a card that is still not registered in the system. 

  • Lastly, click on Save to store the member's details. 
  • Then, to check this member or contact in, you must be logged in to the dashboard and the browser window must be active. This is because the reader will need to "type" in this window so that Nexudus Spaces can check the card details. 

Main active window

  • When a member has a valid pass to access the space, you will receive a confirmation message. If the member has more than one pass, you must manually choose which one is to be used. This process works in exactly the same way as the manual check-in/out.

Checking in via Wi-Fi connection and access control

Lastly, you can also check members in to Nexudus Spaces via Wi-Fi connection or by integrating an access control at the entry. Given that these systems need more complicated installation, operation and requirements, we have created a section on integrations on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base with more detailed information.

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