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Your Nexudus Spaces account has a sign-up form that can be accessed via the space website to register members/contacts. This form has several default fields, but you can add to them using Custom Fields. You can add a Custom Field via MRM > Custom Fields. Click on the Add Custom Field button to add a new custom field. You can find the settings details for custom fields in the MRM section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base. In this section, we'll explain how to include a custom field on the members' sign-up form.

On the next screen, fill in the fields needed to add the custom field and select if you want it to be a Required field, by enabling the Required option. Enable the Display in Sign-up Form option if you want it to be displayed on the sign-up form.

If you would like to carry out further customisations, don't forget that the web template code is available via System > Web templates > Signup.htm. If you'd like us to customise the form for you, please contact us at and we'll examine the changes you'd like to make and offer you a quotation.