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  • Members, Contacts, Users

    • Can you create a User using a Contact?

    Yes, you can! The easiest way is by selecting the Contact that you want to create a User for and running Create User from the More Actions... drop-down menu on Contacts list.

    • How can I set a Contact as a Member? And vice versa?

    The main difference between a Member and a Contact is that the latter is not signed up to a Contract. To set a Contact as a Member, you just have to assign them a Contract. When a contract is cancelled on a Member's account, it becomes a Contact.

    • Can I add a Contact using a User?

    You can add a User via Space > Contacts and enter the email address of the User you want to link to it, and they will be automatically linked.

    • How can I delete a Member, Contact or User?

    You can delete a Member, Contact or User directly from the list. Go to Space > Members/Contacts and choose the record you want to delete. Then, run the action Delete Member/Contact from the More Actions... drop-down menu. When you delete a member or contact from the list, the user linked to it will be deleted automatically. To delete a User, go to the list System > Users and select the record you'd like to delete. Then, click on the Delete this record icon located at the right of the screen to complete the action.

    • When a Member becomes a Contact, is any information about their price plans, bookings, etc. lost?

    No, all of this information will go from the Member list to the Contact list. This information will only be lost if you delete the Member/Contact from your Nexudus Spaces database, which we do not recommend.

    • Can contacts be members?

    No, contacts are people without a price plan. As soon as you assign a price plan to a contact, they are then termed as members.

    • Can a member be a user?

    Yes, a member can be a user. Ensure that the user option is enabled when adding a new member. Being a user, gives the member the ability to use the member's portal. The member can make bookings, check the allowance, buy tickets for events etc. from the website. 

    • Can I make the member a contact?

    Member and contact are separated by the fact that member is associated with a price plan and contact isn't. Once the member is devoid of a price plan they get moved to the contact section. 

    • If you have a "Team" — can they "share" time passes? So anyone on that "team" can check-in and use the Team time, even concurrently? Or does each Team member have to have a separate price plan?

    You can share any time passes indeed. In the team, enable the option "share time passes" and select the paying member as the person holding all the time passes.




    • How can I organise how my resources are displayed on the space website?

    Go to the resource's record and use the Display Order field to control the order that the resources are displayed on the space website. Lower values (i.e. 0) appear higher in the list.


    • What does the available timeslot in resource mean? 

    Timeslots in the resource indicate *when* a room (the actual resource) is available. Timeslots in the resource rates indicate *when* a price (rate) for a particular type or resource is to be offered.

    • We have 2 conference rooms (one large, one small) and we want ''10'' hours of time to be included with each price plan, but they can use either room. Is it possible to do that, right now it seems I have to add 5 hours on one or the other?

    It is possible. All you have to do is create a new extra service, name it something like "Access to any Room" and link it to both large and small room types. Make sure you set the fields "Min Length" and "Max Length" and the price are set to zero. This will make sure the system never picks this rate automatically as a rate for a booking. Lastly, add 600 minutes (10 hours) of this extra service to the price plan.

    • Can I have a single resource type for all the meeting/conference room rooms?

    You can do so if all the meeting/conference rooms are charged similarly. If the prices are different then you should have different resource types to represent a group of resources. 


    • How can I make it so that Contacts/Members must pay for bookings when they are made?

    To ensure that bookings are paid for automatically, you can enable the Cancel Unpaid Contact/Member Bookings option via Space Settings > Bookings. This will raise an invoice for the bookings and if the invoice is not paid within 15 minutes of making the booking, the Resource will be made available for other coworkers.


    • If a coworker makes a booking in the future, e.g. in two months’ time, when are they invoiced?

    By default, bookings are charged when they end, i.e. it would be included on the member's account in the future, when the booking takes place. Remember that you can choose to charge for bookings when they are made. To do so, go to Space Settings > Bookings and enable the option Charge bookings immediately.

    • Can there be multiple bookings for the same resource?

    Yes, you can allow multiple bookings for the same resource. To do so, view the Resource's record via the list.

    Then, enable the Allow multiple bookings option and specify the total number of bookings that can occur simultaneously in that resource in the Allocation field.

    • What are tentative bookings on the dashboard?

    As an Administrator you may want to temporarily block a Resource because someone has contacted you and is interested in booking it. In this case, you probably don't want other coworkers to be able to book the Resource, but administrators can still access it if the lead doesn't go through. In this case, if you enable the Tentative option when making the booking via the dashboard, you will block the Resource so that coworkers can't book it but administrators can.

    • Can recurring bookings be made?

    Yes, they can. As an Administrator User you can make recurring bookings via the dashboard. To do so, enable the Repeat Booking option in the booking window and select how often you would like the booking to be repeated.

    • How can I change the calendar default view?

    Go to Space Settings > Space Website and select the Calendar Default View that you prefer.

    • When I manage more than one space with my Nexudus Spaces account, can members belong to all the spaces with the same account?

    Yes, they can. Make sure that they are linked to the spaces that you want them to access. Go to the member's record and in the General tab chose the spaces that you want them to be linked to.

    • When are booking credits applied?

    Booking credits are applied when the booking is charged to the member's account. If you have the Immediately Charge Bookings option enabled in Space Settings > Bookings, bookings will be immediately charged as they are made. Otherwise they will be charged when they have finished. 


    • Can I sync Events posted on my account with Google Calendar?

    No, (bi-directional) syncing between Google Calendar and Nexudus Spaces only works for Resource Bookings.

    • I am organising an event for 100 people and would like to assign an internet access code during the event. Can I use a single code or username/password for everyone who is attending the event?

    Unfortunately, all codes must be unique for each device that connects to the network, but you could create a batch of 100 access codes, which you can export and print. Many coworking spaces print these codes on marketing material, business cards, free time passes, etc. and keep them at the entrance so that visitors can pick them up when they arrive. 

    Price Plans

    • Is there any way of having a Price Plan Sign-Up Link?

    Yes. From the dashboard, go to the price plan's record and you'll see the Price Plan Sign-Up Link in question.



    • I need to partially refund an amount on an invoice. How can I do it?

    You can only partially refund given items of an invoice that has been raised, not a set amount of money. If the person agrees to receiving the refund as credit in their account, which will be used to pay future invoices, you could add a negative charge on their account for the sum that you'd like to refund and raise a Credit Note that will remain on their account.

    • How can I invoice a number of months in advance for a monthly price plan?

    If you want to raise an invoice for a number of months, for example, a year, you can do so following these steps:

      • View the Member's Contract details and modify the Unit Price field.
      • Then, click on the View/Raise Next Invoice button on the member's account to manually raise this advance invoice.
      • Once raised, you must change the Contract Renewal Date to the date that you wish to automatically raise the next invoice.
      • You may also want to edit the billing period fields so that they correspond with the invoiced period. To do so, go to the invoice, edit the fields and click on the Save button at the top right of the screen to complete the process.
    • Can you edit the details on an invoice that has already been raised and sent?

    Yes, you can edit invoices by accessing the relevant record from the list.

    • The invoice wasn't raised automatically on the member's renewal day. What could have happened?

    Bear in mind that invoices sometimes take time to be raised. You should also check if the renewal date on the member's contract is correct.

    • How can I preview the invoices that are going to be raised?

    Within the member's record, you can use the View/Raise next invoice button to check what is going to be invoiced or to directly raise an invoice. There is also a report that lets you check the invoices that are going to be raised automatically. To access the report, go to Reports > Members > Next Invoice Amount.

    • Can I add a charge to an invoice that has been raised but not sent or paid?

    No, charges can be edited, but you cannot include new charges on invoices that have already been raised. If you want to add a Charge, you must cancel the current invoice by raising a Credit Note and raising a new invoice and adding the charge that you want.

    • Can I disable automatic invoicing?

    No, one of the main functions and advantages of Nexudus Spaces is that invoices are raised automatically for your coworkers. If you do not want to raise an invoice automatically for a member, you shouldn't assign them a Contract. If you want to check invoices before they are sent to members, remember that you can choose the notifications they receive for invoices and payments.

    Lastly, remember that you can check the Next Invoice Amount to see the total that is going to be invoiced to coworkers during the next renewal period. To access the report, go to Reports > Members > Next Invoice Amount.

    • Can I disable invoice delivery by email?

    Yes, as mentioned above, you can select the number of payment-related notifications that you wish to send each coworker. To do so, view the member's profile and go to the Billing tab. You can also disable the Notify on New Invoice option for new members that sign up to the coworking space. To do so, go to Space Settings > Payments.

    • How can I delete several invoices at once?

    This action is not possible. You have to select each record individually and run the action Cancel invoice or refund payments from the More Actions... drop-down menu.

    • I need to edit the billing period on an invoice that has been raised. How can I do it?

    Go to the invoice record that you want to edit via the list or the member's profile and edit the Invoice Period (from/to) fields. Click on the Save button in the top right of the screen to complete the process.

    • Can I change the invoice numbering? And the current invoice number?

    You can edit the invoice numbering or the current invoice number by going to System > Spaces > View this record's details.

    Via the General tab > Billing, you can edit the current numbering or invoice number. Remember that you shouldn't really change the current invoice number, as you may cause gaps in your invoice numbering, which could cause accounting problems.

    • I want to add a note to invoices, how can I do it?

    You can add notes to Contracts, Products, Resource Rates, Bookings and Time Passes. You can choose to display these notes on invoices if you want. You can enable the option to display them by going to Space Settings > Billing.

    • What is displayed on members' invoices if they don't provide billing details?

    If members do not provide their billing details, their contact details are taken by default. If the user hasn’t provided contact details either, the invoices will not display any information. Remember that you can edit the billing details on invoices that have already been raised if a member were to provide this information.

    • Can I view more than 15 records from the invoice list on the screen?

    No, at the moment it isn't possible.

    • One of the members in my space wants to use a different email address for invoices. Can I set an email address for invoices on their account?

    Yes, you can. You can set a different email address for sending invoices at any time. Go to the Billing tab on the member's profile and fill in the Billing Email field. If you leave this field blank, invoices will be sent to the email address that the person used to sign up.

    • Can I cancel the automatic invoice for price plans?

    No. Automating invoicing is one of the main features on Nexudus Spaces that will help you manage your space's day-to-day. If you don't want to raise invoices for your members automatically, you must not sign them up to a price plan or if you do, it has to be a free plan. For the latter, when there is nothing to invoice (i.e. a free price plan) the platform will not raise any invoice.

    • I have several members that pay together, how do I assign them to a price plan?

    In this case, the best option is to use a team to group them all together. If the invoice is issued to one person, you must set this person as the payer and combine the invoices so that one invoice is raised for that person. This invoice would include the price plans to which the rest of the team members are signed up and the additional services that have been consumed. For more detailed information about the different options, go to the section on Billing or Teams. 

    • If there is a member with a free price plan, is he or she considered as an active member with regard to subscription on Nexudus Spaces?

    Any member signed up to a free price plan is counted as an active member with regard to subscription on Nexudus Spaces. 

    • Can I set a daily price plan?

    If you were to set a daily price plan, it would be renewed and invoiced every day, which isn't very convenient. To set up a "pay as you go" plan by days, we normally recommend using products in batches, which include a series of time passes that are consumed when the member uses the space.

    • Can I cancel a price plan in the middle of a renewal period?

    Yes, you can cancel a price plan from the dashboard at any moment. To do so, you only have to set a cancellation date in the contract that the member has active. For more information, go to the contract section in the Nexudus Spaces help. 

    • If I were to make any changes to a price plan, when are the changes applied to the members signed up to that price plan?

    When you add services, such as time passes or resource booking credit, the changes take effect immediately in the accounts of members signed up to the price plan. 

    • Can a member have two different price plans?

    A member can have two different contracts but one will always be primary, with one associated price plan. For more information about these processes, go to the help section on contracts. 

    • Can a contact have a price plan?

    No, by definition a contact is a record in your Nexudus Spaces account that is not signed up to a price plan. When the contact is signed up to a price plan, he or she then becomes a space member.

    • I have a price plan that allows two members to check in. How can I set this up? Also, one of them is the paying member.

    All you need to do in this case is assign two Time Passes to the Price Plan to give both members access to the Space. Then set up a Team with the paying member and enable the "Share Time Passes"


    • How to add a price plan that charges annually or every 6 months? 

    Create a price plan and add the annual price/ 6 months price in the cost field. Select the 'Invoice period' as months and 'Invoice Every (months)' as 12 or 6. This way the member will be charged every 6 months or yearly. 


    • I want to add Terms and Conditions to contracts, how can I do it?

    To include the terms and conditions that members must accept when they sign up to a price plan, go to the price plan's record and click on the Legal tab.

    • Can I have some terms and conditions for a team and others for its members?

    You can create a different price plan for the team and another for its members. This means that each of the price plans could have their own terms and conditions.

    • How many contracts can a member have?

    A member can can have as many contracts as required. However, one of the contracts is always the primary contract and others will be secondary contracts

    Online Payments

    • How can I configure my Nexudus Spaces account so that members can automatically pay their invoices by bank transfer?

    You can use any one of the integrations available to automate payments: GoCardless and Forte.

    • Is there any difference between setting up Stripe via Settings > Payments or as a gateway via Charges > Payment Gateways?

    When you set up Stripe as a payment gateway, you can automatically refund coworkers via the Nexudus Spaces dashboard, instead of having to refund the transaction from Stripe's dashboard.

    • Other than the payment gateways integrated with Nexudus Spaces, are there any other payment gateways that I can use, that are not on the list?

    If you can't find the provider that you want on our integrations list, get in touch with us. The integration may be available for Nexudus Spaces but the list wasn't updated. If we don't integrate with that provider, you can always use our API to study whether it can be integrated.

    • How can I edit the payment conditions for pending invoices? Can you change those settings?

    You can set the number of days that pass from raising an invoice until the platform tries to automatically charge members that have provided payment details on the platform. To do so, go to Space Settings > Payments and enter the number of days in the Auto-collect payments after field.

    • Is there a chance that users can pay for event tickets before an invoice is raised for them?        

    Payments can only be made via invoices on Nexudus Spaces. Therefore, the invoice must be raised so that the member can pay for the ticket.

    • How can I send the GoCardless direct debit request email to coworkers?

    From the Member/Contact list, you can send direct debit requests using the More Actions... drop-down menu and selecting the option Send Direct Debit Sign-Up Email.

    Time Passes and Check-In

    • In addition to the integration via Wi-Fi or RFID, is there any other way to check in on Nexudus Spaces?

    There are several alternatives:

      • Manually: from the dashboard using the check-in module.
      • iPad check-in: via the iPad app available on your Nexudus Spaces account.
      • Access controls: you can control access to the space (linked to time passes) integrating access controls at the entry with KISI or Doorguard.


    • Does Nexudus Spaces have an app for bookings and check-ins?

    Yes, we do! We have an app with some customisable elements for Android and iOS.

    • When someone registers via the check-in app for iPad, where is the data stored?

    In the subscriber group called Visitors.

    • Can I customise the app's appearance for room bookings?

    You can enable or disable the features that you want to use on the app. You can also choose the layout's colour. To configure these settings, go to Space Settings > Mobile app.

    • Is it possible to sell time passes for contacts (in addition to members)?

    Sure! They also have a time pass tab which you can use to assign time passes to them.

    • Can I keep a count of visitors allowed to a space? How can I manage this?

    This can be easily managed by creating a visitor time pass. If this time pass is a part of a price plan, you can add this in the time pass section of the price plan. Otherwise, you can create a product 'visitor' and assign a visitor time pass to it. 

    • What is the difference between setting a "Checkin Limit" and setting up a "Time Pass"? Are they related? 

    Easiest option is not to use the "Limits" tab in the price plans and create a time pass with the right number of minutes for each membership. Then assign 1 unit of that time pass using the option "1. Every time the price plan is renewed" when adding it to the price plans.

    • A price plan allows 10 morning and 10 evening passes. How to add these in the system?

    Part time passes can be added by creating two passes. One for morning and other for evening. Remember to specify the times of the passes by selecting the time slots for each day of the week. Example: 10 AM to 2 PM for morning pass and  2 PM to 6 PM for evening pass. Once these have been configured, you can add 10 of each time pass under the time passes section of the price plan. If the member uses the space for a full day, 10 AM to 6 PM, he has effectively used two passes (one of the each type) 


    • Do I need to set the tax rate for each Price Plan, Time Pass, Resource Credit, etc?

    By default, Nexudus Spaces applies the general tax rate settings configured via Space Settings > Billing. This means you do not need to select the tax rate every time you add a Price Plan, Time Pass, Resource Rate, etc. Therefore, you only need to configure this setting when you add items that have a different tax rate.

    Remember that you can also set individual tax rates for members/contacts in your coworking space. When you do this it overwrites the rest of the settings that you have set on your account for this particular case.

    • How can I change my coworking space's billing currency?

    Go to System > Spaces > View this record's details and in the General tab select the main currency that you want to use for your account.

    • Can I have several currencies for the services and products offered via my Nexudus Spaces account?

    Yes, you can. You can configure several currencies for the products and services that you offer in your space. However, when you raise invoices for them, the total will be converted into your space's main currency.

    • How can I have different resource rate for contacts (non members) and members? 

    This can be easily done by enabling the "only for contacts" option at the bottom of the resource rate page. When this option is enabled (the switch is blue), the resource rate is applicable to contacts only. This would mean that you should have two resource rates. One for the contacts and other for the members. If none of the options is enabled, this would mean that the prices are the same for both members and non members (i.e. contacts). 

    • How can I add prices for half day and full day?

    This can be done by using minimum and maximum length options in the resource rate. Eg. The space offers a meeting room for $20/hour, $60 for half day (4 hours) and $100 for full day (8 hours). This can be set by creating two resource rates. The first rate will define the hourly rate and half day rate whereas the second rate will define the rate for more than the half day and until the full day.


    For the first resource rate, representing the hourly rate for less than 4 hours, add the hourly price as normal, enter the half day rate in the maximum price field and in the maximum length field enter 240 mins. This would mean that this resource rate is active till the 240th minute. It will calculate the prices at $20/hr until it reaches the maximum price of $60.


    For the second resource rate, set the hourly rate as $20, maximum price as $100, minimum time field as 240, fixed length as 240 and fixed price cost as $60. This would mean that this resource rate is active for a booking of 240 minutes or more. The fixed price and length parameters set the minimum base rate as $60, and then hourly rate of $20 until $100 is reached. 

    • How can I give members of a particular price plan different prices?


    This can be done by defining discounted/different prices for those memberships. Once inside a resource rate, click on the special price tab. Select the price plan and enter the special rate. This will be the special hourly rate at which the concerned resource will be offered to the members in that price plan.


    • What dynamic tokens can I use on email templates?

    In addition to the default fields that can be included directly from the graphic editor when you add a new template, the following fields are also available:







    • How can I edit the email templates that are sent from my Nexudus Spaces account?

    To edit email templates that are automatically sent from your Nexudus Spaces account, you can go to System > Email template files.

    • How can I give event participants access to the Wi-Fi connection?

    You can create internet access tokens when you've got it integrated with your Nexudus Spaces account (MikroTik or pfSense) via Space > Access Tokens.

    • How can I print the Access Tokens?

    The easiest thing to do is export the Token list using the Export button at the bottom of the screen.


    • Can I use different custom fields for members and teams?

    No, at the moment you cannot separate custom fields for members or teams.


    • Community Board

    • Can I configure how often community board notifications are sent?

    Members can select how often they would like to receive community board notifications via their private area on the space website. They can opt to receive a daily summary that is sent first thing every morning or receive a notification every time something is posted on the community board.


    • Newsletter

    • Which subscriber groups are on the platform by default?

    By default, your Nexudus Spaces account subscriber lists can be found in the following subscriber groups:

        • Members
        • Contacts
        • Newsletter subscribers
        • Currently in the space
    • How can I add a new subscriber group?

    To add a new subscriber group, go to the list and click on the Add Subscriber Group button.

    • Can I send newsletters in several languages?

    The newsletter content can be in whatever language you want. However, if you need different newsletters depending on the language that subscribers have set on their accounts, you can do so in the following languages: English, American English, Spanish.

    • How can I send a newsletter just to members that are in the space at a given time?

    You can use the "Currently in the space" subscriber group.

    User Roles

    • How can I set a User as an Administrator?

    Go to the User's profile via System > Users and click on the Status tab. Then, enable the Is Admin option in this section and click on Save to complete the process.

    • How can I create a new user role to access the dashboard?

    User roles can be created by going to Security > User Roles. However, user role settings is not a very intuitive process, so we recommend that you email us at and tell us that you want to add a new role.

    Adding Users

    • How can users show that they are part of a team during the registration process?

    They can indicate that they are part of a team on the registration form, and include the team details.


    • Can I keep users inactive until they are validated?

    Yes, you can. Go to Space Settings > Space Website and enable the Keep new accounts on hold option. This will ensure that the new registrations via the space website will be kept on hold until they are validated via the dashboard. They will only be able to access the public sections on the space website, update their details and pay pending invoices.



    • What is the best way to set up a deposit for new coworkers?

    The best way is to create a "deposit product" and add it to the price plan. This will let you have more control over the reports that your platform offers. You must firstly add the product via Billing > Products and then add it to the Price Plan that you want from the Sign-Up fees tab.



    • How can I stop an invoice from being raised when a user signs up to a price plan via the website?

    You can enable the Keep new account on hold option via Space Settings > Space Website. This will ensure that new accounts remain inactive until you validate them. In this case, before you validate the account, you can edit the Contract assigned to the member (provided that they are signed up to a price plan) to set the billing day that you want.

    To do so, go to Contracts > Contract Details via the member's record. Here, you can edit the renewal date.


    • Can I customise the members' sign-up form?

    Yes, you can. You can add the fields that you need using "custom fields". You can create as many as you need via MRM > Custom Fields. When you create a custom field you can choose if you want to include it on the sign-up form.



    • I don't want users to receive the welcome email. Can I disable it?

    The welcome email includes members' access information (username and password), which means it needs to be sent so that they can access their private area. If you do not want users to have access to their online account to make bookings, pay their invoices, etc. you must sign them up via the dashboard and disable the Add User option.



    You can also configure your Nexudus Spaces account so that the welcome email is not sent to Guests that make a booking. To do so, go to Space Settings > Bookings and enable the Do not send welcome email to guests option.


    • When someone signs up to a price plan, how long does it take to raise the first invoice?

    When a new Contract is added, it is normally processed within 15 minutes and the invoice is raised automatically, unless a different date was set manually.

    • What is the PIN sent in the welcome email?

    Coworkers can check in to the space manually via the check-in app for iPads, which is available on Nexudus Spaces. Some spaces install an iPad at the entrance of the coworking space so that coworkers can check in on entering and visitors can contact the person they're looking for.


    • Can I choose the notifications that are automatically sent to coworkers?

    You can customise many of the notifications that are sent by default on the platform. For example, you can disable the booking confirmation email via Space Settings > Bookings.


    You can also configure the settings for the notifications that users receive about payments and invoices raised. To do so, go to Space Settings > Payments.


    For more information about notifications, go to the Email Templates help section.

    • Can I change the subject line on email templates?

    At the moment, you cannot change it from the dashboard, but you can email us at and tell us what you want to change and we'll do it for you.

    • Can I use my own email server to send emails generated by Nexudus Spaces automatically?

    Yes, you can. You can configure the settings via Space Settings > Email Server.




    • What's the best way to charge new members a refundable key deposit?

    Refundable deposits are best represented as Products. You can assign them also to a dedicated deposits financial accounts. In your accrual reports, you will also see how much liable deposit revenue you have based on how many deposit products you have sold but not yet refunded. This product once created should be added to the sign-up fees tab under the relevant price plan.

    • How to set-up refundable deposits as part of a price plan?

    First create a product in the Billing > Product section. Add this product in the sign up fees tab inside the price plan. Products added in the sign-up section of the price plan will be billed in the first invoice.



    • How to integrate MailChimp with Nexudus?

    You can connect Nexudus to MC using Zapier:


    • Can I create my own reports?

    At the moment, you can't create your own reports, but you can contact us and we will create a personalised report including the fields that you tell us, as long as they're available on your Nexudus Spaces account. Send us an email at

    • How can I download all of the invoices raised over a given period of time?

    Your best option is using the "Invoice Details" report, which you can find in Reports > Invoices > Invoice Details. You could also use the "Invoice per page" report, which you can find in the same folder. 


    • Does Nexudus integrate with Xero Accounts (or do you think it negates need for Xero)?

    We do (Space Settings > Integrations > Connect With Xero) but most people will not want every invoice in both Nexudus and Xero. Nexudus is pretty good at handling all your account receivables (invoices and payments) and you can get a good number of finance reports ( from) which can group revenue in any way you want so you can simply import this revenue reports in Xero at the end of the month.

    • Does Nexudus integrate with Eventbrite or any other event listing platform?

    When setting up an event (Content > Events: you can add a ticket URL, which can point anywhere, including EB. You can also sell tickets directly on Nexudus if you wish to do. You can link your ticket prices and availability to the different price plans.


    • One of my coworkers has valid time passes and can't check in. What could be the problem?

    If the user is signed up to a price plan that provides them with time passes, make sure that the time passes are enabled for the price plan. If not, the platform will send an error message.

    • Is there an integration with Slack?

    There is a basic integration with Slack via Zapier, a platform that allows you to connect different apps.

    • I have my own POS or VOIP services. How can I connect them with Nexudus Spaces?

    For the apps that Nexudus Spaces does not integrate by default, we have a REST API that you can use to create apps linked with your Nexudus Spaces account or connect it with services. You can find more detailed information about the API in the developers hub.


    • Does user have admin access? 

     User can be an admin if the tab has been enabled. This will give the user full admin access to the backend. If a contact or member is set-up as a user, it gives them access to space website for bookings and buying products.

    • Can I allow the space website to be accessed by members only?

     Absolutely, access to various sections of the website can be controlled at: Space settings>Access. Remember, contact is a person without contract and member is a person with a contract. You can read more about this at the access page.  

    • Can I have multiple locations under one website and have admin access to manage all the accounts? Where do I start?

     Sure, the global account is always free and we can link all individual accounts under the global account. Once this is set-up, overall admin access is possible. Create a new account for the new location with a different email address to the one used for location already set-up. If you would like to join the two locations and have overall admin access, get is touch with us and we can link the accounts for you.


    • Generic error screen

    This type of error can be caused by different reasons, which is why we recommend you write to us at and tell us what type of message is appearing or any other details which can help us identify the cause.

    • When a booking is made the price appears as 0. What could be the reason?

    Make sure the Resource that you're booking has a Resource Rate assigned. You must also make sure that there is not an overlap of resource rates, especially if there a several for a given room, which may cause a conflict.

    • When I sign up a coworker, I receive the message "The email address '' is already being used by another user on the system. You must use another email address."

    This message indicates that the member is already signed up on your database. Another possibility could be that you are trying to sign up a user that is an Administrator in another space that uses Nexudus Spaces. In either case, you cannot use this email address to register the user.

    • I am trying to sign up a member with the email address "" but the system says that the email address is not valid. How can I resolve this problem?

    Email addresses with strange characters or underscores may cause a conflict during registration. In these cases, if possible, we recommend using a different email address to sign up the coworker.

    • I am trying to delete a resource rate but I receive the message "Could not delete this record. There is another record (CoworkerExtraServices - ExtraService) which is related to the one you want to delete. Delete the related record before deleting this one.

    Make sure that the Resource Rate that you're trying to delete is not linked to another Resource Rate set up on your account.

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