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What are Document Templates on Nexudus Spaces? 

You've no doubt found yourself having to draft a contract or other document when a person makes a booking in your space or purchases a product. Instead of having to write this document every time you need it, you can use the Document Templates on Nexudus Spaces. This feature lets you create documents with dynamic data that are directly lifted from the data on your Nexudus Spaces account. For example, you could set up a contract for booking an events room that includes fields like the member's name, date, time and total booking price. Using this template you can quickly export the document and edit it in your preferred text processor.  

The data in the document template comes from the actual data you run the template form. For example, if you type {{ Coworker.FullName }} the name of the member or contact you are running this template for will be included in the document. You can see all the data available for contacts, members and their contracts and bookings using the following test document. If you past the following code in a template document and run the document for a a member, contact or booking, you will see all the available data.


Contact/Member Details
{{ Coworker | Json }}  
Contract Details 
{% for contract in Coworker.Contracts %}
{{ contract | Json }}
{% endfor %}

Booking Details
{{ Booking | Json }}
{% for bookingProduct in Products %} 
{{ bookingProduct | Json }}
{% endfor %}

Booker Details
{{ Booking.Coworker | Json }}


Other details
{{ Date }}
{{ Now }}
{{ BusinessName }}
{{ PublicSubDomain }}
{{ WebAddress }}

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