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Thank you for your interest in Nexudus Spaces! Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of coworking spaces around the world and realised that each and every one has its own special characteristics. In this section, you will find the first steps you need to take to set up your Nexudus Spaces account. You will also get an overall view of Nexudus Spaces and see how to configure your account's basic settings.

Your first day in Nexudus Spaces:

  1. Creating your account in Nexudus Spaces

  2. Accessing your account

  3. Getting started on the dashboard

  4. Choosing a logo for your space

  5. Adding your contact details

  6. Uploading some photos of your space

  7. Adding your social networks

  8. Setting up a basic price plan

  9. Adding your first resource (meeting room, event, etc.)

  10. Adding a product in Nexudus Spaces

By following these first steps, you will soon be able to start using your Nexudus Spaces account. We're sure that your space has special conditions that may not be covered in this section. For more detailed information about price plans, resources, products, etc., please go to the corresponding help section.

 You can follow news from Nexudus Spaces on Facebook and Twitter . You can also drop us an email at support[at] if you have any queries.