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Nexudus Spaces's main objective is to build an integral solution that covers all of your coworking space management and communication needs. We have integrated Nexudus Spaces with external services, such as online payment methods, printing management and access control software, among others, which complement our platform's features. These integrations make Nexudus Spaces an integral platform, meaning that you can manage your space from one, single Dashboard.  

The platform also has its own apps, which really add to your Nexudus Spaces account, including: 

  • Space Dashboard: This web application shows a brief description of your space on devices, such as TVs, projectors, etc. This means that members from your community will always know what is going on in your space or can check the directory. 
  • Booking app: Your Nexudus Spaces account has a web app that lets members book resources available in your space via tablets that you can install outside each of the rooms. 
  • Check-In app for iPad: There is also a Check-In app for iPads for your Nexudus Spaces account. Spaces usually install an iPad at the entrance to their space so that visitors can find the coworker they're looking for. The visitors' contact information will be saved to your account, meaning you can use it to send newsletters with offers for your space at a later date.