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What are Invoices on Nexudus Spaces?

According to Wikipediaan invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer. Automating invoicing processes is one of Nexudus Spaces's main features, which will help you save a lot of time managing your space. 

What do the invoices raised via Nexudus Spaces look like?

The invoices raised by the platform are controlled by the invoice.htm file. You can find it in the Template Editor and can change its layout or appearance if you want. This template includes all of the elements needed for this type of document, including your space's and coworker's invoicing details, the invoice number and date, descriptions of the products/services and payment details. 

Administrator users can consult the invoices raised for space Members or Contacts via the Dashboard and Members or Contacts can check their invoices in their private area on the Space Website

You can configure your Nexudus Spaces account settings and decide whether members and contacts are able to view or download their invoices via their private area on the Space Website or not. If you would like to configure these settings, go to Space Settings > Space Website > Space Members. In this section you can decide what type of actions the Members and Contacts can perform via their private areas on the space website.

How does the invoicing process work?

Unlike traditional accounting tools, Nexudus Spaces lets you automate raising and sending invoices. On any normal accounting software, the process would start by creating a draft invoice, adding the items to it and then confirming and sending it to the client. This is not the most suitable method when you want to raise and send invoices automatically. 

On Nexudus Spaces, you need to have all of the data that will be included on the invoice before it is raised. This includes:

  • Invoice details of the person or the company that you are invoicing, and a description of each of the items that you are going to invoice.

Automatically raising Invoices is closely linked to Contracts. When someone is signed up to a Contract and the renewal date comes around, Nexudus Spaces will raise an invoice for everything that is due. 

IMPORTANT: Once the invoice is raised, it is considered the final version and no changes should be made to it. However, you are able to make partial refunds for any of the items on the invoice or full refunds, if necessary. Remember that you must inform the coworker if you make any changes to their invoice.

The items that can be included on an invoice are:

Where can I view Invoices?

Accessing Invoices via the Dashboard

You can access invoices via your Nexudus Spaces account. You can go to:

  • General invoice list

The general invoice list shows all of the invoices that were raised via your Nexudus Spaces account. There's an Unpaid invoices shortcut on the dashboard home page, which displays the amount due on your account. If you click on it, you'll access the general invoice list. You can also view them via the following link

IMPORTANT: Remember that the list only displays the Unpaid invoices. If you want to see all of the invoices, click on the Click here to show all records link.

You'll find the following elements in this list:

  • The page number button to change page when you have a large number of invoices (1). The Refresh page (2) button, which updates the current browser window. 
  • Column filter: The records on the list can be filtered by different fields available in the columns (3). You only have to enter the value that you want to search in the search fields (4)
  • The two end columns refer to the invoice's status (5) and the main actions that you can perform from the list (6):
    • Mark as paid: Use the first icon to mark an invoice as paid. 

    • Pay with stored card: You can use this icon to charge the invoice when your Nexudus Spaces account is integrated with an online payment method, as long as the coworker has provided valid payment details. 

    • Bookmark: You can bookmark records that you want to keep at hand. 

    • View this record's details: Use this button to view the invoice's details. 

At the bottom of the list there are other elements that let you perform the following actions:

    • The footer displays information about all of the Records in the list, showing the segment that you're viewing (e.g.: 1-11 of 100).
    • Select All: This button lets you to select all of the records. Click on Unselect All to undo the selection and Reverse to reverse the selection. 
    • Export: When you click on export, a comma-separated values (CSV) file will be exported including all the data in the list. Remember that there is a Reports section on your Nexudus Spaces account, which provides comprehensive financial data. 
    • Date Range: Use this button to filter the invoice list by a date range. 


Accessing invoices via the Member / Contact profile

Every Member or Contact profile has an Invoice tab, which shows all of the invoices raised for that coworker. You can access member or contact profiles, by going to Space > Members > View this record's details. Alternatively, you can use the general search via the dashboard to search for a given coworker. 

On the member/contact profile, go to the Invoices tab on the left side menu.

As you will see, the list structure is exactly the same as the general invoice list that we looked at before. The only difference is that you are looking at the invoices that correspond to one Member or Contact.

Accessing invoices via the space website

Coworkers that have an online account to access the Space Website, can view or download their invoices via their Private Area > Payments:

  • Firstly, they must enter their credentials.

  • Then, they must click on their account [Username] and the drop-down menu will appear, where they select Payments


  • Coworkers can see the Invoices that they have pending (1), download them in PDF format (2) or pay them online (3) , provided that you have an online payment method integrated with your Nexudus Spaces account. 

If you don't want your space members to be able to view or download their Invoices via the Space Website, you can deactivate this option via Space Settings > Space Website and deactivating the Can view / pay their invoices and Print invoices options in the Space Members section. 

When you deactivate this option via the dashboard, the Payments section will not be available from the drop-down menu in the coworkers' private areas. 

Changing Invoices

When an invoice has been paid, even if it has been partially paid, you are limited to change only some elements in them, such as the contact and billing details, the invoice and due dates or the person the invoice is for. You can also remove lines from those invoices or, if paid, refund them.

Unpaid invoices can have, in addition to the fields above, their individual lines changed, with the exception of those lines representing the charge from a contract.

Changing an invoice line

Invoice lines can be changed as long as the invoice has not yet received any payment. You can do this using the "blue arrow" button displyed in the right-hand side of each line.

Changing the person the invoice is for

You can use the "More Actions" menu at the bottom of the list of invoices or at the bottom of the invoice details page to move this invoice from one account to another. This will also update the billing details for that invoice based on the billing information of the new member or contact that you select.

Changing the invoice billing details

Invoice details such as the company name, TAX codes and billing details can be changed by clicking in each of those fields from the invoice details page

You can also change the "Due Date" for an invoice. If the invoice has not been paid, the due date will tell Nexudus when to expect payment for this invoice. If you have payment details on file such a credit or debit card, and ACH agreement or a Direct Debit mandate, the due date would also be the date when we will attempt to take payment for it.

Changing Invoice Lines

When an invoice is created, you can only remove or refund existing lines. If you need to charge anything else to a member or contact, you will need to create a new invoice. 

When an invoice is not paid, you can remove lines by using the "x" icon by each of the lines. This will ask you if you want to delete the invoice line only, in which case that line will be added to the next invoice you create or if you want to remove the line and the charge, in which case the line is removed from the invoice and the invoiced item is also remove from the contact or member account.

When an invoice is fully paid, you can refund a specific invoice line. This will create a credit note that will be consider refunded to the contact or member for this invoice. If the original payment was made with a credit/debit card using a Payment Gateway, we will try to send the selected amount back to the member. If this process fails, you may need to temporarily change the "Payment Method" for this person to a manual one, so you can refund the invoice line and then return that amount to the contact or member manually.