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What is the cost for a booking? 

Bookings are always charged through a Resource Rate. When the booking is finished, the platform will automatically charge the total booking cost in accordance with the Resource Rates you've set up. If you make a booking from the dashboard, you can choose whether you want to assign a different resource rate for the booking you're making. Normally, you don't need to perform any other operations when all of the resources rates are configured correctly on the platform, unless you'd like to set a different price for a one-off booking.  

How are bookings charged? 

By default, bookings are charged to the member/contact's account some minutes after they've finished. Charging for a booking doesn't mean raising an invoice for it. It's just adding a new amount to the invoice that will be created later. Nexudus may charge bookings before they end if the member has credit available (Booking Credit or Resource Credit) and the booking takes place before that credit expires.

When a booking is made by a contact, the due date is set to the current date. This means that the cost for using the resource will be included on the next invoice that is raised for the member or contact. You can change this if you don't want the booking cost to be included on invoices raised before a certain date.  

If the booking is for a member, the due date for the booking charges will be set to the earliest renewal date for all active contracts in the member account, unless the option to "Charge Booking Immediately" is enabled, in which case the Due Date is set to today's date. This is the same case as when you enable "Charge Now" when making a booking as an administrator.

When the booking is requested from the Space Website and the option to "Cancel Unpaid Bookings" is enabled for member and/or contacts, the due date is also automatically set to the current date, so the charge is ready to be paid by the user.


  • If you want to modify the Due Date field, go to the member's account and click on the Resource Usage tab. Click on the View this record's details button. 

  • Then, edit the Due Date field to set the date from which the booking charge will be added to the invoices that are raised. 

Important note: Remember that entering a date in this field doesn't mean that the booking charge will be invoiced that day. The booking charge that you're editing will be invoiced on the next invoice that is created from the date that you've set. If the person making a booking is in a contract for one of your plans, an invoice is created automatically on the renewal date of that contract.

Immediately charging and invoicing a booking 

If you want to charge or invoice a booking when you make the booking, you only have to enable the Charge Now and/or Invoice Now options. In both of these cases, the due date for the charges is set to the current date.

Reverting the charges of a booking

If a booking has been charged, you can undo those charges by reverting the charges of a the booking. Remember that charging a booking only adds an amount to pay to the "Resource Usage" tab of a member but that amount may not have been invoiced yet. This will also revert any credit usage.

If the original charges have been included in an invoice already, reverting the booking will not change that invoice. This allows you edit or cancel a booking but still receiving payment for it, for example, in the case of a very late cancellation.

Similarly, you can cancel or refund the invoice with a booking charge and that will not remove or revert the booking in the calendar. This allows you void the charges for a booking while keeping it in the calendar.

Invoicing member bookings 

Normally, members signed up to a contract will be invoiced for bookings in accordance with the main contract's cycle. For example, if a member is subscribed to a permanent price plan and the renewal period comes around, the platform will raise an invoice for that price plan and the rest of the services or additional products that he or she may have used. 

Members signed up to price plans, may have a certain amount of free resource usage or resource credits as part of their price plan. In this situation, Nexudus Spaces will check such and discount the booking charge from these minutes or credit. If the member doesn't have credit or free resource usage, the booking charge will be added to his or her account and, by default, will be invoiced on the next invoice. 

Invoicing contact bookings 

By definition, contacts are not signed up to a contract, meaning that invoices are not raised automatically following a billing cycle. There are several ways to charge a contact for a booking.  

Allowing guest or contact bookings and charging for them in advance  

From your Nexudus Spaces account you can let guests make bookings from the space website. Additionally, you have the option of requesting payment when a booking is made. If you'd like to make online payments available, you must have a payment gateway integrated with your Nexudus Spaces account. You can see which payment gateways are available in the payment methods section.  

If you want to allow guests to make bookings, go to Space Settings > Bookings and enable the Allow Guest Bookings option.  


When someone who is not signed up in your space requests to make a booking from the space website, they will be asked to fill in some basic billing data to sign them up. Once he or she has filled in all the fields, the booking shall be made. At this point, you have yet to add a user account for this person in the dashboard. Once the booking has been validated, a welcome message with the access details will be sent to that person.  

This is the process for people who wish to make a booking via the space website but are not signed up: 

  • From the website calendar, they must click on the day that they'd like to book. 

  • They will be asked if they have used the space services before, with the following message:

  • Then, they must fill in a basic form with their contact details. 

  • The booking can then be made. 

  • At this point, the booking will be made for the contact. If you've enabled the Cancel Unpaid Contact Bookings option, an invoice will be raised requesting payment from the Contact to guarantee it.