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  • New Passport App: For all of you who already use Passport by Nexudus in your space or its white-labelled counterpart, you will be pleased to know that a new version of our mobile app, available on iOS and Android, has been released. The new app has been designed to encourage connection between the coworking community, make managing accounts easier, and includes a wealth fo additional features.

  • Deliveries: you can now record and track post deliveries, notify members as they are received and let them track them from their account in the space website. A new compannion app lets you scan and optically recognise (OCR) delivery labels to try to match them agains your members database. You can read more about this here and here.
  • GPDR: we published a short guide to help you with some changes required on your Nexudus portal to help you achieve GDPR compliance. You can access it here.
  • PaperCut Credit Sharing: PaperCut Extender now supports credit sharing within teams. This means that, in the same way you can share booking credit or access times, it is now possible for a team member to hold all printing credit and share it with the rest of the team when using PaperCut to track printing.
  • Events sales now record the location issuing them. This means you can use the location hierarchy to keep your events in your network account so they are available across all your spaces and we will still record what location the purchase originated from.

  • Hidden Resources: it is now possible to hide specific resources from the calendar while still manage bookings for those from the member/contact account and see them in your reports. Use the "Hide In Calendar" option found in the details of each resource. This can be useful if you have many resources such as lockers or storage units which you don't really need to see in the calendar at all times.

  • Terminate Booking Earlier: NexBoard allows users to finish their bookings earlier from within the app. This of course obeys any cancellation policies you may have set for each of your resources.
1/16/2018Blue Monday is over so these are some updates to cheer you up!
  • Canned Responses can now pick into the much more details about the member they are sent to. You have wide range of tokens available now including information about their plan, pending invoices, renewals, billing and contact information as well as login, password reset and direct debit sign-up emails. You can read more about canned responses here.

    This, in conjunction with reminders, provide a powerful way to keep members informed about actions they need to take at specific times in their membership cycle or when they have pending invoices or failed payments.

  • Better directory search. The search engine in the directory will now look at even more details and also match names partially.

  • Events Booking Credits can now be linked to specific event categories so you can provide members with credit which can only be used to pay specific event types. As usual, this credit can be made part of any of your price plans or using bundled proiducts.

  • Individual Invoicing. It is now possible to invoice a product directly to a member even if that member is part of a team with merged invoicing. This will enabled you to quickly charge these products to members of those teams when they are willing to pay for those themselves.
  • Resource Occupancy: The new "Resource Occupancy" reports will show you for any period of time, past or future, what resources are available, the % out of your capacity and what's is available. This takes also into account any resources you may have set an allocation to allow multiple overlapping bookings, which is ideal to track occupancy for hot-desks. You can run the reports per resource, per resource group and per resource type.

    You can find the new reports in the "Occupancy" section from Home > Reports.
  • Support Access Notifications: as the team at Nexudus grows, we want to make sure we are on top of who in our team has access to your account to provide you with support. To this end, we will now create a dedicated admin user account when accessing your account, named after the person who is helping you. We will notify administrators in your account when we do so and ensure this account is removed when the job is done.
  • NextIO for Android: after an arduous fight agains a bug in the Android version that had us scratching our heads for a while, NexIO is now out in the Play Store.
  • Instant Notifications: the community board tries to get notifications about new messages as relevant as possible so members don't get bombarded with alerts and push notifications about items they may not be interested. The daily digest system works well to keep notifications to a minimum but, on occasion, members may want to push a message to the rest of the community right away. This is now possible using the "Instant delivery" option available when you start a new thread either as a member or from the admin panel.

  • Tours: visitors coming for a tour are now registered as such in the list of visitors. This triggers a dedicated tour confirmation email which you can edit independently from the visitor registration confirmation email. Tours are also displayed in the booking calendar, marked with a compass icon.

  • Floor Plan Locks: for those of you with a large number of private rooms and offices with electronic locks controlled by Nexudus, you can now easily map access groups in DoorFlow and Salto to specific floor plan items, which means you no longer need to create different plans and time passes to grant access to different offices. 
  • Salto KS / Clay integration: we have added a third option to the list of connected Access Control systems. You can now use Salto KS / Clay to provision and revoke access to your space based on membership and booking claendar data. This integration, like with DoorFlow, provides real-time check-in information and uses time passes as members access the space.
  • Desktop Push Notifications: you will now receive real-time updates and information about check-ins, check-outs and help-desk requests right on your desktop. Make sure you accept the request to accept notifications if prompted the next time you access the administration panel.

  • eSignature: you can now easily request members to digitally sign any documents within your member portal and using fully legally binding process. Documents are emailed automatically to members and attached back to their profiles once signed. You can read more about how to use this feature here.
  • Invoice Search: you can now search by invoice number or reference using the global search box.
  • Visitor notifications: in addition to sending a notification to a visitor when they are registered as such and to the member hosting a visitor when they arrive to the space, you can also now enable a notification to a member of staff when a visitor is registered by any other member of staff or by a member via the website. Simply enable "On Visitor Registration" in the "Notifications" tab for a user. 
  • Transaction Fees for credit and debit card payments are now calculated based on the exact payment method used at the moment of paying for a specific invoice. Unlike before this change, when a transaction fees were added based on the default payment method a member had at the point of creating an invoice, transaction fees are now calculated and added to invoices when the invoice is paid and based exactly on the payment method used.
  • Auto-Cancelling Plans: you can now create new plans that automatically cancel after a number of renewal cycles. For example, you can create a plan that gets invoiced monthly but that automatically stops after 3 months. This is ideal to support trial or promotional plans that force members to either choose another plan or cancel their subscription before the promotional time ends. You can also use this feature to stop plans from renewing automatically. You can enable this feature by typing the number of cycles in the field "Cancel after # Renewals" in the details of each plan.
  • Mobile Payments: we super excited to announce that users of the Passport App can now pay for any charges issued in their accounts, including bookings and their membership charges. For those of you who collect booking payments up-front, the app now understand this flow and will request the user to pay for the booking before they are confirmed. Users can also access their profile and update their payment details directly from the app. You can read more about the Passport App here. Mobile payments work with any of the over 100 gateways we currently support.

  • Mobile Custom Pages: the Passport App can now display to users any custom HTML pages through a dedicates section in the navigation bar. This is ideal if you want to provide information to your members such how to get into the building, WiFI passwords or house rules. By making these custom pages, you can edit and push this content to the mobile app very easily and directly within your Nexudus back-end.
  • Versions: for those of you making the most of the web templating system to make your own website or member portal, you can now create "versions" of the portal so you can start working on a new design or layout while keeping your production site unaffected. Each version of the site is fully functional and it is given a unique URL that you can use to test the site internally or with selected members.
  • Invoice Segregation: if you need incidental charges like bookings or any purchases users make during the month to be included in a different invoice to that of the membership or contract, you can now achieve this using the invoice segregation settings available in Space Settings > Billing > Invoice Segregation:

  • Pro-rating Cycles: many of you have a prorating cycle different to the billing cycle for monhtly memberships. For example, you may invoice members on the 25th of the month but your billing cycles and prorating of the first invoice is based on the 1st of every month. You can now use the "Prorate Day of Month" field in every price plan to indicate what the prorate cycle is, even if the billing day for that plan is entirely different.
  • Automatic Payment collection after Bookings, even for contacts: a well-requested feature is finally here! Bookings made by contacts are not normally included automatically in a invoice because contacts are not in a price plan. Similarily, members pay their bookings via their monthly membership invoice. Two new settings let you change how this works, "Auto-collect payment for contact bookings" and "Auto-collect payment for member bookings", when enabled, will create an invoice and collect payment if possible right after each booking ends. You can enable this option in Space Settings > Bookings:
  • Debtor Reports: we separated reports about unpaid invoices and debt into a separate category in the reports center. We also added two reports showing aged debt for more than 30, 60, 90 and 120 days as well as a report to show unpaid invoices in a given date period.
  • Invoice Editing: it is now possible to edit individual invoice lines for those invoices which have not yet received a payment. You can change descriptions, amounts, tax rates, financial accounts and notes for every invoice line.

  • Access Tokens, multi-device: access tokens can now be set so they can be used by more than one device at the same time, for a set number of devices and also to have a start and end time. This is ideal to temporarily open access to a large group of people, like in events.

  • Access Tokens, booking-based: the booking confirmation emails can now be set to include an access token valid for the duration of the booking. This is ideal to ensure guests coming to use a room or your facility have easy access to your network and the Internet during the period they booked for.
  • Prorating on Contract Cancellations: when using a cancellation date in a contract half-way through the normal billing cycle of a member, you can now automatically prorate the last invoice amount. For example, if a member is invoiced every 1st of the month and decides to cancel on the 20th, when this new option is enabled in their contract, the last invoice will be for those 20 days, rather than the full month.

    Enable "Pro-rate Cancellation Invoice" in the contract details to enable this option or make sure your plans have the "Pro-rate on Cancellation" option disabled if you want to opt out of this option. Get in touch if you need some help with this new feature.

  • Invoice notification settings: we have separated the invoice notifications into 3. "New invoice", "Payment received" and "paymenty failed". You can now choose which of these notifications each member can receive from the "Notifications" section in the "Billing" tab for each member. You can also set the default value of each of these from Space Settings > Payments > Notifications:

  • Invoice periods: when creating a new invoice, it is now possible to choose a specific period. We'll do our best to guess what period the invoice is for based on the contract details and previous invoicing but you can now override this right from the new invoice screen.
  • Floorplan background: You can now add a background image to every floor plan and there is a new grid-snap system which will make it easier to lay out and align desks in each plan.

  • Dropbox Support: for those of you making changes in the design files of your space website, you can now link your Nexudus account to a Dropbox account. Saving files on Nexudus Spaces will update those files in all your Dropbox folders and making changes in your Dropbox folder will automatically update your Nexudus site! Connect your Dropbox account clicking here.
  • Occupancy Reports: there is a new set of reports grouped under the "Occupancy" folder in the report center. These display past and projected occupancy based on the contracts you have for each of your price plans or, if you using floor plans, assigned to each of your desks. 

  • File Sharing: the "Files" tab in a member or contact profile allows now to send any of the files attached to their profiles directly by email. The member or contact receiving the files gets a unique link by email which lets them download the file by typing their regular email and password.
Shifts: resources can now be set so bookings can only take place at specific start and end times. Each resource can have any number of shifts available. Let us know if you'd like to take advantage of this update as there is a small update to made in your account to activate it.
  • Resource Access Rules: resource access rules can now be defined based on time and/or day of the week making it possible to set up rules like "Rooms cannot be booked for more than an hour during peak times".
  • Recurrent Products: it is now possible to set recurrent products to be invoiced "from" and "to" specific dates. Use the "Invoice From" and "Invoice Until" dates when adding the product to a member or contact account. You can use to this to easily implement stepped discounts or offers with an expiration date.

  • Contracts: it is now possible to change the Quantity, Price and Value of running contracts. Changes on these parameters will take effect when the current contract is renewed.
  • Webhooks are here! webhooks allow you automatically send data from Nexudus to other systems in real-time when data changes in your Nexudus account. Webhooks make it much easier to implement sync operations and connect two systems where you want to keep data up-to-date automatically in both of them. If you have an integration between Nexudus and other systems, whoever made that integration may want to know about the new webhooks support. You can manage webhooks in your account from Space Settings > Integrations > Webhooks.

  • Push Zapier to the limit. the addition of Webhooks allowed us to make Zapier support way more flexible. Zapier is a service that lets you connect Nexudus to hundreds of other services. For example, you could trigger an SMS message when someone joins as a member, or add an item to a Trello board when someone cancels their membership, or post a Tweet when someone registers for one of your events, ... the sky is the limit, really! To use the new Zapier integration head to Space Settings > Integations > Zapier.
  • Team Credit Sharing: one of the most requested features is finally here. You can now configure teams to pool credits and time passes from the individual non-paying members in a team and assign them to the paying member of that team. This means you can now easily share credits in a team, not only from the paying member down to the non-paying members, but also across the entire team so non-paying members can use credits and time passes from anyone in the team, not just from the paying member account. To use this feature for a team, enable "Transfer Credits To Paying Member" on the "Credit Sharing" section for that team.
  • No Return Policy: you can now set your resources to have a no return policy. This means you can control how close to each other bookings can be for a resource, or how often a particular resource can be booked by the same user or by anyone in the space. Check the "Limits" tab or the "Return Policy" section of the "Resource Access Rules" for each resource.
  • New Repeat Patterns: in addition to every day, week, month and year, you can now set bookings and events to repeat every 1st, 2nd 3rd and last occurence of a particular day of the week. For example, you could create an event or a booking which repeats every 1st Wedneday of every month or the last weekend of every other month.
  • pfSense Update: for those of you using pfSense to manage access to your network, version 2.2.6 is now supported.
  • Community Group Access: you can now designate who can see and post to your different community groups. There are three levels available for each group: private, restricted and public. Private groups can only be posted to and seen by their members, restricted groups are available for every user to see but only members of the group can post to it. Public groups are available to see and post to by every use.
  • New Social Networks: member profiles can now hold links to nine additional social networks and sharing sites: Google+. Telegram, Github, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr and Blogger. If you'd like to show any of these on the directory or let members provide these from their profile forms, please get in touch.

  • Cancellation Policy: if you use a cancellation policy for your price plans, and someone tries to cancel a membership less than that number of days before their next renewal period, the cancellation date for that contract will be set to the following renewal date after that. For example, if someone in a monthly plan paying on the 1st of every month and with cancellation policy of 15 days tries to cancel a plan on the 20th of January, the cancellation date for the contract will be set to the 1st of March because it is too late for them to cancel on the 1st of February. 

    In any case, instead of setting the "Next Price Plan" field as we used to, we will just set a cancenllation date to the earliest time members can cancel their plan. The end result is the same, the member contract will be cancelled as soon as possible based on their renewal date and cancellation policy.
  • Resource Access Rules: use access rules to finely control the access policies to each of your resources. You can now have specific available times and booking and cancellation policies for each room based on the type of membership or even for individual people. Check the "Access Rules" tab for each resource in Space > Resources.

  • New Calendar View: it is now possible to list bookings for members as a list instead of a calendar. This makes it easier for members to check upcoming bookings and manage their future and historical bookings. A small update is needed in your space website templates, so get in touch if you need some help.

  • Member Reports: we have organized a bit the members & contacts reports. You have now 3 versions of the complete list of members and contacts, "all", "active" and "inactive". There is also a new report which lists all members and their contracts, "members by price plan (list)", including registration dates, contract start dates and cancellations dates for those contracts which have been terminated.

  • KPI Reports: there are 3 new KPI reports: "Bookings - by Weekday" and "Bookings - by Time of Day" show bookings based when in the week they took plan and what hours in each day they spanned across. "Revenue - By Space" shows total monthly revenue for all the spaces in your network.
  • Check-in Pincodes: if you are using the iPad check-in app, check-in pincodes are now generated and sent to members automatically as part of their welcome emails. If you have customized your welcome email and want to include the pincode too, use the {accesscardid} merge tag in the email template here.
  • Extra Services are dead! Trying to bring some more clarity to the concept of extra services, we have renamed them to "Resource Rates". These represent the different rates available for each of your calendar resources. Similarly, we have renamed the "extra services" tab on the members and contact details page to "resource usage". As usual, it displays any charges related to the use of any resource or any pre-paid/credited usage the member or contact has.

  • Pay as you go Access: a couple of improvements in this area. It is now possible to cap the maximum daily price to be paid by PAYG users, as well as to select whether members (people with a contract) should pay for this access at the end of their session or through their contract invoice when their current billing cycle ends.
  • KPI Reports: check out the new KPI reports. We started with bookings, revenue and churn rates, but there are more to come.
  • Contracts (IMPORTANT!): we thought to give you a heads-up about a new feature we plan to release in the coming days. We have published a post about it. It won't affect the way members sign up or you register them, but it will make your life easier when dealing with multiple agreements or memberships made by the same member or when you want to schedule the start of a membership in the future. 

    All being well, we will make this available from the 20th of Septmeber.
  • Report Bookmarks: with the time, the reports section has grown quite a bit, there are now more than 50 reports and it can sometimes be challenging to browse around and to look for the report with the data you are after. To simplify this, you can now bookmark individual reports. Bookmarked reports will show at the top of the report center and also on the bookmarks icon at the top-right hand side of the panel.

  • Terms and Conditions Email: a while ago we introduced the ability to provide a set to general termns and conditions as well as a set of terms for each price plan. Members would have to agree with those as the sign up or every time you made a change in any of them. This process remains the same, but members will now get an email confirming their agreement containing a timestamped as well as with the full contents of the terms they agreeing with.

  • Tasks Reports: a new set of reports about tasks lets you keep on top of all the different tasks assigned to every member of your team.
  • Notes Audit: notes for members and contacts are now displayed in a audit trail format. As you add notes, we will record who and when each of them were added.
  • How was your meeting? it is now possible to automatically send a message to users when their booking ends. Set up the message to send as a canned message in MRM > Canned Responses and then create a reminder to send this message when a booking ends. Users will only get one message a day, even if the have multiple bookings that day.

  • Upgrades & Downgrades: slight improvement in the way we record upgrades and downgrades. For those of you accepting new sign-ups online but keep those new account on hold, previously, the upgrade time was recorded as that when the member signed up, which meant that, if it took a few days to activate the account or it was never activated, the sign-up count was not accurate. 

    To resolve this issue, we now wait for the new member account to be activated before we record the upgrade.
  • HTML Editor: another much needed update! All HTML fields enjoy now a new formatted text editor which will hopefully make editing and producing content much easier.
  • Location Filter for Reports: a much needed update! for those of you who run multiple locations, all reports have been consolidated so they all display data for a single location. A drop-down menu at the top of the report center will let you quickly see data for each of your locations without having to change the location you are currently managing.

  • Tax: for those countries where prices should be listed including Tax, this is now possible by enabling the relevant option here:
  • Checked-in Newsletter List: want to quickly message all members currently in the space? Right! You have now a subscribers list automatically updated in real-time as members check in and out.
  • Resource Groups: it doesn't come as a surprise after Sunday's changes... for those of you with many resources (rooms, booths, offices, 3D printers, parking spaces...), it is now possible to group them and create a different calendar with a unique address for each of them. You will need to update your bookings.htm file to take advantage of this new feature.
  • Price Plan Groups: for those of you who have a good number of price plans available, you can now group them into different categories and make these grouping available on the space website so members can easily navigate through them. You will need to update your home.htm and tariffs.htm files to take advantage of this new feature.

  • Better meeting room up-front payments: if you ask members or contacts to pay for bookings up-front, this process is now a bit more streamlined. If the person requesting the booking on-line has provided payment details, these will be used to pay for the booking right after it gets put on the calendar and if, for some reason, the payment fails at that point, the booking won't even be saved. 
  • Formatted Canned Responses: it is now possible to use formatting in both canned responses and in direct messages sent to members. You may need to update your messages from MRM > Canned Responses to ensure their format is still correct.
  • Calendar Attachment: booking notifications have now a handy ICS file attached to them. This file is recognized by the email clients as a calendar invite and will easily allow the recipient to add the booking to their calendar.
  • Better Support for Terms and Conditions: a new page will be displayed to users on-line when you change your general terms and conditions or those for any of your price plans. Every time a change is made to any of your terms, users will be asked to agree to them before they can access their accounts on-line.
  • Sign-up Fees & Prorating: including (or not) sign-up fees and prorating membership charges is now easier to control. Instead of guessing based on past invoices or the upgrade/downgrade actions of member, there are now two dedicated switches (billing tab in each member profile) to indicate if the next price plan invoice should or not include the sign-up fees or if we should prorate membership charges. 

    As usual, the very first invoice for a member will include sign-up fees as well as prorated discounts if this options is enabled for the price plan they are signing up to.

  • Smarter Prorating: it is now possible to prorate price plan invoices when the sign-up date is in the future. Also, creating multiple price plan invoices will advance the next price plan invoice date according to the number of created invoiced.
  • Members Directory: a new design for the members directory is now available. You can display a search sidebar listing all the different tags and any of your custom fields. The list of members can be filtered by any of these. It is also possible to do a search by multiple tags or custom fields at the same time.

  • Custom Fields: you can now display custom fields on the sign-up form and profile form independently. You can, for example, have a very quick and lean sign-up form while still keeping a more detail questionnaire as part of the profile, once people become full members. You can also choose which of your custom fields are displayed on the directory and the new search sidebar.
As usual, an update is needed to your web templates, get in touch if you need some help with this.
27/06/2015It is summer, we are looking out the window from our desks, it is so sunny! Yet we have managed to squeeze in some much needed updates:
  • Team Signup Link: it is now possible to invite someone to sign up online as part of a team. On the team details page, you will find a link which you can provide to the person signing up. When using that link, the new member will be automatically included in that team. To use this feature, you will need to update some of your template files, let us know if you need some help with it.

  • Direct Messages: it is now possible to send a direct and private message to a member directly from their profile, without forcing everyone to list their email. These messages are kept in the "Private Messages" section on the community board. To use this feature, you will need to update some of your template files, let us know if you need some help with it.

  • Email Replies: yes, it is finally here. Members can now reply directly from their inbox to any of the community board notifications and the daily digests.

  • Bookings Reports now show whether bookings were made on-line or not.

  • Invoice Notes: it is now possible to include notes on the invoice lines. These notes can be entered in the "Notes" field for products, time passes and extra services assigned to members or contacts. Make sure you enable the relevant option in your "Space Settings" to include these notes in the invoices. Note there is an option in that same section to include the public notes of each booking directly on the invoice line representing that booking.

  • Teams with merged invoicing: when updating the billing day, next price plan invoice date or cancellation date for a member paying for an entire team, these values will be copied to all members in the team, making sure the billing cycles of everyone in a team with merged invoicing is always the same, for every member of that team.
  • Cancellation Date: it is now possible to schedule a cancellation date in the future when the price plan of a member will be automatically cancelled. Use the existing "Cancellation Date" field in the "Billing" tab of a member to set the date when the price plan charges will stop. We will create one last invoice on that date, not including any price plan charges, but any other outstanding charges in the member account (i.e. meeting room usage).
  • Pay as You Print is here! For those of you who use PaperCut, you can now configure it to charge users as they print instead of asking them to buy credit. Update PaperCut Extender by closing it down and launching it again and choose the product used to represent printing charges. Enable "Pay As You Print" from the "Integrations" tab for those members or contacts who you want to use this feature.
  • Improvements in Email Delivery: we now track email bounce backs, spam reports and undeliverable addresses. Failure to deliver an email to a contact or member will be automatically reported to all admins for an account. 

  • Additional Resource Limit: you can now set resources to be available only to members in specific price plans.

  • Time Pass Locations: for those of you running multiple locations, time passes can now be configured so they can be used in specific locations so, even if a member is registered in all your locations, you can restrict in which locations that person can check in.
  • Page Access: you can now easily control access to the different sections of your space website. You can choose to make each section public, private or even available to just members or just contacts. Check the different options here.
22/03/2015What a weekend! A good bunch of much needed updates. Here's what's new:

  • Advance Payments for Members: you can now request payment in advance to members making bookings online. Enable the option "Cancel Unpaid Member Bookings" here to activate this feature. The cancellation of unpaid bookings, for both members and contacts, affects now to only those bookings requested on-line.

  • Smarter Search box: the search box at the top right-hand side of the screen, now locates members and contacts not only by their name but also by their email address and the teams the belong to.

  • Bookings by Team. This new report shows bookings made by each team and also displays the price plan each client had at the time they requested each booking.

  • Booking Calendar Enhancements: the booking calendar now shows whether bookings were made on-line or from the back-end and a preview of the booking notes directly in the calendar. A new screenshows hour by hour the different products requested in each of the bookings.

  • Booking Notifications: email notifications to administrators about new bookings, booking changes and cancellations now show the email address of the client, their phone number and membership.

  • Payment Details: the general tab for each member or contact now shows an icon if the member has card details on file or an ACH or Direct Debit agreement.

  • Booking Credits for Products: enable the option "Use credit for booking products" if you allow members or contacts to pay for the products requested as part of a booking with the same booking credit they can use to pay for the actual room or resource being booked.
  • Event Reports: two new reports are available for those use you already using the ticketing module. "Event Sales" lets you see in real time the break-down of ticket sales per event and ticket type. "Event Attendees" lets you produce a listing of all ticket purchases, including names and email addresses for each of the attendees.
  • Google 2-way Sync: it is now possible to fully synchronize your Google and Nexudus bookings calendar, when both creating bookings directly in Google and Nexudus. More about it here.
  • Member and Contact detail pages: just a quick note before some pretty exciting announcements coming soon. We have changed the order in which the different sections in the member and contact details page are displayed. Contact details are now at the top while the billing section has been moved further down. Remember that, if the billing details for a person are the same as the contact details, you only need to provide the contact details, as these will be used in all billing documents.

  • Stop automatic payments: it is now possible to disable automatic payments for an individual while still holding payment details for that person. Enable th option "Do Not Process Invoices Automatically" in the "Regular Payments" section of their profile.

  • Product and Charges Dates: the date a product or a charge was added to a member or contact account is now displayed in the relevant lists in the member and contact detail pages.
  • Recurrent Products just got better. You can now add any number of products to a contact or member account and these can be automatically charged and invoiced every a number of days, weeks, months or years, even if the user is not linked to a price plan. 

    Recurrent products are typically used as additional costs to the membership but this change allows you effectively charge a single person for any number of products at different intervals. Check the 'Products' tab in each profile for more details.
20/12/2014A few updates before we all get ready for families, food, singing and dancing!

  • Accounts: it is now possible to assign price plans, products, time passes, extra services and charges to afinancial account. This will let you generate reports grouping revenue by account (check the newfinancial reports by account)
  • New Reports: the ever-growing list of reports now includes 9 new financial reports which detail individual invoices included in each of the revenue categories. It is also possible to click on an invoice number or on a member or contact name to quickly access the details of that record.
  • Bookings: internal notes in bookings are now audited and can be added even if the booking has already been charged or invoiced. For each booking you will see a history of all notes, when they were added and by who. 
  • Multi-day bookings: planning to run your B&B using Nexudus? bookings can now also be made across multiple days.
  • Recurrent Events: as with bookings, it is now possible to create recurring events. Create an event as normal and use the "Repeat Event" field at the bottom of the page to choose a repeating pattern: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Event Resource: you can now link an event in the calendar with a resource, effectively making that resource unable to be booked during the length of the event.
  • Fast Track: once you have signed up a new member using a Nexudus Passport, you'll wish everyone turning up to your space had one. Use the passport icon on the top right-hand side corner to quickly register a new member using Nexudus Passport. Once approved by the member, you'll get all their contact, billing and profile details auto-magically added to your account.

  • Nexudus Passport: We are thrilled to announce the Nexudus Passport Network is now available for all spaces. The Passport Network will let members sign up with any location in the network faster than ever and by using a single email address and password. 

    Nexudus Passport securely stores information such as contact and billing details, the professional profile and even payment information. With a single click, members using the services at a new location, can provide some or all of this information to the new space, saving also time to the management team in that location as they won't have type this data manually. More about it here.
  • Google Calendar Feed: Google has closed down version 2 of their calendar feed service today. We have upgraded our calendar files to support version 3 of the service, but some of you may have noticed your calendar events are no longer loading. Please let us know if this is the case.
  • Did you say "partial"? busy week last one! the latest update allows you do take partial payments and also refund invoices partially.
  • Resource Display Order: the field "Display Order" now also controls the order in which the different resources are displayed in the booking calendar in the back-end.
  • We hope you find these changes useful and to see you at the Coworking Europe very soon!
  • Auto-Invoices: you can now schedule a single invoice to be raised on a particular day for members and contacts. These invoices will include all unpaid charges such as bookings or products due by the time the invoice is raised. You can also enable auto-invoices for price plans, having effectively two billing cycles per price plan. For example, you could have a yearly price plan with an annual price, but also raise a monthly invoice for any other charges such as bookings. More details here.
  • and... sign in with Facebook: in addition to using Google, members can now use their Facebook account to sign in to the space website. You can enable this option from your space settings
  • Sign in with Google: members can now use their Google account to sign in to the space website. You can enable this option from your space settings
  • Financial Reports: we have consolidated and renamed some of the financial reports. 3 new reports are grouped under the "Financial" folder providing Income Earned, Income Paid and Account Receivable information. 
  • Next Invoice Screen: the "create invoice" button has been replaced by a "View/Raise Next Invoice" button. This will give you a better view of what the next invoice for a contact or member will contain. This screen can also change any of the items of the next invoice, add or remove items and update the billing information before it gets raised. More details here.
  • Meeting Room Door Web-App: install this web-app on an iPad and put it in a wall or kiosk mount in each of your rooms to let members see real-time availability of that room and even request a booking directly from the device. More details here.
  • Tasks: be on top of the different actions you need to take about each contact or member in your space. You can automatically create tasks for contacts and members when they sign up or cancel their membership. More details here.
  • Contact Bookings: users with no membership or a regular relation with the space, can now make bookings easier than ever. A new fast-track registration form captures the essential data to create a contact in your account and allow that person to make a booking, all without leaving the booking calendar. More details here. Ping us at to prep your account for this.
  • Due Invoices: the list of contacts and members will now show when someone has open and due invoices by highlighting that row in red.
  • Important notice about your members database: we have separated the list of members in to two lists. "Contacts" and "Members". Contacts are those clients or prospects who don't have a price plan assigned. Members are those who do. You will see two links in the navigation menu, labelled as "Contacts" and "Members", each will give you the relevant list. The search is global, so if you search in any of those lists, you will be able to locate both members and contacts. Same goes for the search box in the top part of the screen.
  • Booking Calendar: the new booking calendar loads faster and displays bookings both in a monthly calendar but also as a grid of resources. Hope you find it handy! Check it out here.
  • Login screen: we are sure you have noticed! The new login screen design will work much better in mobile devices. This screen is also available when members log in to your space website, which uses already a responsive design. This means using your space website from a phone is now even simpler!
  • Gravatar: we now fetch member avatars from Gravatar before they upload one to their profile.
  • Better Search: not quite Google, but the new search bar in the directory will find pretty much anything about members publishing their profile. Search results are displayed in a table. More here. As usual, get in touch if you'd like to use this new feature in your account.
  • Better Reminders: reminders can now be targeted to members in specific price plans.
  • Recurrent Bookings, Recurrent Bookings, Recurrent Bookings, Recurrent Bookings ... that's right. You can now make bookings repeat every day, week, month or year and in specific days of week. Just enable the option "Repeat Booking" at the bottom of the panel to create a new booking .
  • Salutation: it is now possible to address members in any communications by their first name. A new field called "Salutation" has been added to the member profile. When available, the contents of that field will be used instead of the full name.

  • Bookings iCal Feed: there is a new iCal feed including all bookings for all resources available here

  • Invoice Due Dates: you can now manually override the due date for an invoice. By default, due dates are set based on the number of days set in the "Auto-collect" setting, but is now possible to change this date after an invoice has be raised.
  • If you are using products you will now be able to group them into different categories using "Tags". You can then have different pages listing all the products for a given tag. As usual, let us know if you want to enable this option in your account. More details here.
  • Low Credit Notifications: members going over their check-in limits? Keep them up to date when they are about to run out of credit or if they forget to check out with a new set of notifications. Check them out in the "Check-In System" section here.

  • Booking Products: it is now possible to add additional products to a booking straight from the admin panel. The price preview for the booking will be updated as you add products to it.
  • Upgrades and Downgrades*: three new reports show the history of price plans signups, upgrades, downgrades and cancellations. Check the "Members" section in the reports page.

  • Product Reports: similarly to extra services and time passes, you can now run reports on product sales by date, price plan or member. Check the "Products (invoiced)" section in the reports page.
*Past data before May 2014 may not be available in your account.
  • Member summary: get a birds-eye view of a member account using the new member summary tab. You can get revenue, booking and allowances information. There is also an activity timeline specific to that member and the price plan upgrades and downgrades they performed (yes, finally!)

    We have also moved the "next invoice" date field to the top of the billing tab in the members details page.
  • Excel Matic: the popular app to import and export data has had a visit from its developer. It can now export invoices by month and also import bookings in bulk. Install Excel Matic or visit the app market
  • Products: they allow you to maintain a list of services or goods your members can buy or be sold by picking them from a list. Members can make one-off purchases or add these to their price plan. Find out more about how products work in our Space Managers Hub - email to enable this feature in your account.

  • Space website store: you can directly sell products to members from the admin site, but also made them available in a store where members can purchase them online. Gone are those days where you had to have different price plans for all the possible combinations of services you offer. Members can now be in a base price plan and add additional services which will be automatically added to their monthly bill. More on this in our Space Managers Hub - email to enable this feature in your account..

  • Bundled Products: products can also bundle together access to the space and/or room booking credit. When purchasing a bundled product members automatically get all the items contained in the bundle. They can pay for it using a check-out like process or their membership. You have all the details in ourSpace Managers Hub - email to enable this feature in your account.
  • Smarter Resource Price Selection: Extra services can now hold information that helps Nexudus Spaces choose the right price for a booking. You can create rates based on the time of the booking, the length of the booking and the price plan of the member making the request. More about this here.

  • Booking Notifications: Nexudus Spaces can now send a booking confirmation email and a reminder to members 24 hours before a booking starts. More details about how to do this here.

  • Updating Payment Details: if you are using any of our 40+ payment providers, members can now update their card details directly from the spaces website.
  • Booking Calendar: bookings can now be displayed and managed in a monthly calendar. Use the plus (+) symbol in each day to create a new booking for that day. More info here.
  • Latest Activity: The new dashboard time line gives you a bird's-eye view of what’s happening in your space. You can see booking requests, raised invoices, check-ins and check-outs, charges, emails sent, signups and payments, all in real-time. Click on each line in the time-line to go to the relevant section. 
  • Checked in members: help members to know how busy the space is and who is in it by displaying which members are currently checked in, both in the member’s website home page and the directory. More details hereThere is a small change to be made to your directory template, let us know if you´d like to use this feature.
  • Shared Time Passes and Pricing in Teams: you can now share the time passes and special prices offered to a team leader with all members of a team. More info about this here.
  • Manual Booking Credit: in addition to the booking credit members can get by being part of a price plan, you can now give a credit amount to each member directly. Access the Booking Credit tab in the member account and then click on "Add Member Booking Credit". 

    Keep in mind that credit given directly to members can be used to pay any booking and it will not expire when renewing the membership. More details here.
  • Multiple Access Cards: if you want multiple members to share the same access time allowance you can now add multiple access cards to a single member account. 
  • Better pricing for bookings: if you find yourself offering one-off special prices for bookings to some of your members, this one is for you. It is now possible to override the total price of a booking when creating it from the administration panel. Read more about it here.
  • Access Member Account: there is handy button you can use now to access a member's account as if they were logging in from the space website. This is useful if you want to see what members see when they log in, enter payment details or post a message on behalf of a member. Use the button with the lock icon in the members list or details pages.
  • Event listings: in addition to displaying the events in the booking calendar, you can now display them in a chronologically ordered list, much like the list of posts in a blog. Old events will automatically be hidden from this list. If you would like this option to be enabled in your account, let us know at
  • Attached Invoices: members will now receive invoices as a PDF file attachment via email when an invoice is raised or paid. 
  • Default Prices: if you have multiple prices for each of your rooms, you can now set one of them as the "default price". This price will then be used as the quoted price when members make a booking request. If you set a default price, from your extra services list, Nexudus Spaces will not ask you anymore about what price to use for those resources with multiple prices, instead, it will use the default price automatically. In any case, you are able to change it before the bookings is invoiced.
  • Team Search: you can now quickly find members in a team by using the Search button in the members listing. The billing section in each member also shows now in which teams a member is.
  • 7 new booking reports by member, room and even a time sheet for each of the rooms so you can print it and display it by the room.
  • 6 new revenue reports displaying each of the extra services and time passes as columns rather than rows. Best viewed when exporting it to Excel.
21/11/2013Member Files: find it hard to track all those contracts, receipts and other documents from a member? You can now attach all those files to each of the member records, just click on the "Files" tab in the member details page.
  • Booking notes: members can now add notes when requesting a booking from the booking calendar. This is now available when making a booking from the administration panel, email us if you want your member's site to display the notes field as well.
  • New MRM Module. This is the first of a series of updates bringing features to help you understand better your members and their relation with your space. This update brings you support for Custom Fields and Email Account monitoring.
  • Custom Fields: create up to 10 additional fields for member records. Fields can be dates, numbers, text or check boxes and can be searched in the members listing.
  • Email Accounts: ever dreamed of having all the emails to and from your members attached to each of their member records? Well... now you can! Set up your email account and let Spaces pick the emails from your members and attach them to each of the member records. Once there you can read them and reply to the member straight from your Spaces account.
  • New report: the "Members by Price Plan" report quickly shows you how many people there are in each of your price plans. 
  • Check members in and out quickly from their details page or directly from the members list.

  • PaperCut Credit Sharing: PaperCut Extender now supports credit sharing within teams. This means that, in the same way you can share booking credit or access times, it is now possible for a team member to hold all printing credit and share it with the rest of the team when using PaperCut to track printing.