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What is MRM on Nexudus Spaces? 

Member relationship management (MRM) refers to the group of tools that will help you get to know the people that are part of your space's community and improve your communication with them.  

This module has the following features: 

  • CRM Boards: a CRM board defines a list of steps you can use to track opportunities much like in a traditional CRM pipeline. Each step, what we call a column, can have as many opportunities as needed and each opportunity typically relates to a contact or a member, has a monetary value and may also have a due date.

  • Custom fields: You can add up to ten custom fields on your Nexudus Spaces account and use them in the sign up process and on member or contact profiles. For example, if you want to find out specific information that's not available by default on Nexudus Spaces's data structure, such as the colour of members' eyes or how members or contacts found out about the space, you can add a custom field. This field can be viewed in the section of the member or contact's account that you want from the dashboard, on the profile in members' private area, in the sign up process or the directory. 
  • Monitoring email accounts: Your Nexudus Spaces account lets you monitor one or more email accounts and organise all of the messages that you receive from anyone signed up to your space. When an email is sent to the address that you're monitoring, Nexudus Spaces checks whether it is from a person signed up to your space and if so, adds it to their profile. You can also answer these messages directly via the dashboard. 
  • Reminders: This function lets you automatically send notifications to space members or contacts when a certain condition occurs. For example, three days before a contract is going to renew or a week after the member has signed up to the space, sending them a feedback questionnaire.
  • Task List: You can manage a series of tasks that need to be completed for certain members or contacts in your space. For example, you can automatically add a task list for when someone signs up to your space or cancels their contract. You can set an expiry date and assign a space manager to complete the task and send them reminders about their expiry date by email.