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How do online payments work on Nexudus Spaces? 

You can flexibly set up several payment flows on Nexudus Spaces. In other sections we've looked at how price plans, room bookings or products can be invoiced. When an invoice is raised, coworkers can pay for it online via a payment gateway integrated with Nexudus Spaces, or you can manually mark the invoice as paid via the dashboard if you haven't integrated a payment gateway or when you're paid the invoice in cash.  

Payment types and methods 

There are several ways to pay an invoice on Nexudus Spaces. We are going to look at each way below: 

Coworkers can choose to pay their invoices online provided that you have a payment method linked to your Nexudus Spaces account. In such cases, the member/contact will be asked to enter their card or PayPal account details, if you're using PayPal. When the transaction is successfully completed, the invoice is automatically marked as paid on your account and the member is notified by email. All payment service providers allow one-off payments.  

Recurring payments 

Your coworkers can also choose to provide their card details and pay their invoices automatically without having to enter their details every time they are invoiced. There are three types of regular subscriptions: 

  • PayPal recurring payments: You can request a set amount from the coworker's bank every so many weeks (usually when the member's price plan is renewed). This type of subscription works for spaces that charge coworkers a set amount every month. 
  • GoCardless:When your coworkers provide valid payment details, you can request them to pay the invoices raised by your Nexudus Spaces account automatically. 

  • Store card details: This option stores the card details provided by your coworkers on the payment service provider that you've configured. This method enables you to request a set or variable amount from coworkers every time an invoice is raised via the platform. 

IMPORTANT: We never store credit card details on our servers. Although all of the communications with our servers are encrypted in accordance with industry standards, we never store your coworkers' credit card details on our servers. The details are stored by the payment service providers that you integrate with your Nexudus Spaces account. 

Note: When members configure a recurring payment method, Nexudus will automatically check if there are any pending invoices on their account and try to charge them automatically. 

Setting up recurring payments also enables you to configure the number of days that must pass from raising the invoice and requesting payment. If you would like to change these settings, go to Space Settings > Payments > General.  

Payments with stored card and manual payments 

As we have already mentioned, when members provide their payment details, the platform will automatically request payment every time an invoice is raised, following the number of days configured in the previous settings via Space Settings > Payments > General.  

When members have provided valid payment details you can request payment at any time. You can do so via the Billing list and using the Pay with stored card icon to the right of the record.  

You will receive the following warning message if the coworker has not provided valid payment details.  

If you are using any of the payment gateways we support, you can also type card details on behalf of a member or contact, directly from the back-end. This is done from the Billing tab, scrolling down to the "regular payments" section and clicking on "store payment details".

Manual payments 

When coworkers pay offline, you can manually mark the invoice as paid via the list, using the Marked as paid icon, found to the right of the records.  

Payment reminders 

When invoices are raised via the platform, members/contacts will receive an email explaining that they have a new invoice on their account and how they can view it, download it and pay it.  

After this reminder, the platform will send a payment reminder every 24 hours by default. You can change reminder settings (i.e. how often reminders are sent) via Space Settings > Payments and entering the number of days that you want to remind members in the Remind members to pay every field.  

The templates for these messages can also be customised. You can edit their content via System > Web Templates and select the template that you want to change.