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As you are aware, the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account has a directory that displays the members and teams that work in your coworking space. One of the features on this directory is that the users can add tags to display their skills, for example, marketing, consulting, web design, etc. This tag also helps users search for other coworkers by profession. However, when a coworking space lets the coworkers add their own tags, their directory usually ends up with a large tag cloud, which is not very practical when searching for coworkers. This is why it may be a good idea for the space managers to set a limited number of tags that coworkers can add to their profiles. This helps ensure that the directory is better organised and the search results are much more relevant.

Setting up skill tags on the directory

Go to Space Settings > Features via the dashboard. In the Directory tab, fill in the Tags field with the tags you want users to select. Click on the Save button at the top right of the screen to complete the process.

Viewing skills on the space website

After completing the step above, any member/contact who updates their profile via their online account will be able to select as many of the skill tags as they want from the drop-down menu.

This makes the directory more organised and easier to understand.