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What's PayPal?

PayPal lets your members pay for their invoices directly using their PayPal account or a credit or debit card. Users will be directed to a PayPal hosted page where they will enter their details.

You can enable PayPal payments by accessing your account Settings on the Admin panel. In the Payments tab, type the email you used when registering your PayPal business account.

In order for PayPal to issue a notification to our servers every time there is payment, you need to enable IPN messages on your PayPal account. This is how:

  • Log in to your PayPal account usually at

  • Click on "Profile", in the top navigation menu

  • In the bottom part of the screen, locate a link with the text "Instant Payment Notification Preferences"

  • If your IPN settings are disable you should see an button with the text "Choose IPN Settings". Click on it.

  • In the notification URL type ""

  • Select "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)"

  • Click on save



  • Countries it can be used in: virtually world-wide

  • Currencies supported:Many

  • Automatically collects payments?: NO, members have to pay each invoice individually

  • Automatically pays invoices after successful transactions?: YES.

  • Reminds members to pay invoices?: One reminder, when the invoice is first raised.

Paying an invoice

To pay an invoice, a member needs to access the space website. You can find out the address of your "Space Website" by click on the "Space Website" button, in the top right corner of any of the pages in the admin site.

Once in the Space Website, the member needs to log in and then access the section Payments in the main navigation menu.

We never (ever) store credit card details in our servers. Although all communications with our servers are encrypted using industry standard methods, we never store your members’ card details and we always rely on the payment providers to this for us.