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What are Proposals Products?

Proposals are typically for one of your plans and are associated to one of more items in your floor plans. Occasionally, proposals can also contain products to be included as a one-off, as a repeating product or as a deposit for the contract created if the proposal is accepted.

How to add products to a proposal?

Start by creating a regular proposal and saving it. Access the details of the new proposal and click on the "Products" tab. Click on the "Add Proposal Product" button.

The following fields are available:


This is the actual product from your product list to include in the propsal


Any notes about this product. These notes are not displayed to the customer.

QuantityThe amount of products to include in the proposal.
Unit PriceThe amount to charge for each unit of the selected product. If left blank, the standard price for the product is used.
Whether this product should be included as a deposit product in the contract created if the proposal is accepted. If more than one contract is added to the proposal, the contract is added to the one with the earliest start date.
RecurrentIf the selected product should be added to the customer account as a recurrent product.
Repeat CycleIf the product is added as a recurrent product, this field controls how often should the product be invoiced.

A contract value is reflected in the upgrade and downgrade reports that show when a member changes to higher or lower price plans. This does not have any effect in monetary terms but is useful for comparing the relative values of different price plans. If you leave the Value field empty, the platform considers the price plan rate as the value.