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What are Resource Rates on Nexudus Spaces?

Resource Rates are used to set up a price for a resource type onNexudusSpaces. For example, if you have a resource type in your space called "small meeting rooms", which groups together a certain number of meeting rooms that cost the same amount, you can create a resource rate called "small meeting room use" to assign a price to said meeting rooms.

When a member or contact makes a booking through the space website,NexudusSpaces uses the resource type that has been booked to check the resource rate assigned and charge for the booking. Resource rates can be set in minutes, days, weeks, months and number of uses. For example, a meeting room is normally invoiced in minutes, while a Microsoft Office course would be charged per use. The corresponding resource rate will be used to invoice the booked resource usage.

Resource Rates, Resource Types and Resources

As we have commented before, resource rates let you assign a price to a resource type. However, a resource type can have more than one resource rate assigned and a resource rate can assign a rate to several resource types. This may be confusing at first, but it will be really useful in the long run. Just think, you have a resource (e.g. meeting rooms) to which you want to assign different prices depending on the timeslot during the day. In this case, if you were to use a single resource rate, you could only have one unit price. Maybe the best way to look at this iswitha more detailed example.

Practice example: Creating and assigning a Resource Rate

Firstly, we're going to explain how to add a resource rate and then we will look at all the different options. 

To add a resource rate, you need to have previously set up the resource type that you are going to use. In this case, we'll use the resource type called "small meeting rooms". Below are the steps for adding a resource rate: 

  • Go to Billing > Resource Rates and click on Add Resource Rate.

  • Fill in the required fields and click on Save. Here is a more detailed explanation of each of the fields and their purpose. 

Adding Resource Credits to a price plan

Once you have set up the Resource Rates, you can assign Resource Credits to the different price plans in the space. For more detailed information, go to the Price Plan section. 

Adding Resource Credits to a product

A product can have certain resource credits associated toit. For more detailed information, go to the Products section. 

Assigning Resource Credit to a member or contact

As you have seen, you can assign resource credit via a price plan, product, or manually to members or contacts. 

Resource credit is included on invoices that are raised to members or contacts. Remember that invoices are only raised automatically if the member is signed up to a price plan. However, you can always raise an invoice manually. For more information about how this works, go to the Invoicing section.

To manually assign resource credit to a member or contact, take the following steps:

  • Go to the member or contact profile via Space > Contacts or Members.

  • In the Resource Usage tab, click on the Add Resource Usage button.

  • Fill in the compulsory fields. Below is a guide that explains all of the different fields. 

Guide to setting up Resource Usage for a member

  • General - Details


Member / Contact*Select the person that will be assigned the resource usage from the drop-down menu.
Issued By*Select the space to which the member belongs.
Resource Rate*From the drop-down menu, choose the resource rate to which you want to assign a quantity for the member.
NotesEnter any information that you want to appear when an invoice is raised to the member or contact for this resource rate. To make these notes visible on invoices, you need to enable the option Include Resource Rate Notes via Space Settings > Billing > Invoice Contents.
Total Minutes/Uses *Enter the total of minutes/days/weeks/months/usesthat you want to include the resource usage assigned to a member.


  • General - Price
FreeEnable this option if you do NOT want to invoice this resource usage to a member (i.e. it's free).

Only enter a price if you would like to offer a different price to the one that is set up by default for the selected resource rate. The value that you enter is the TOTAL and not the by hour/use value.

Expire DateEnter theexpiredate for the resource usage, if relevant.
  • General - Invoicing


Due DateSpecify the date you want this resource usage to be invoiced.
Purchase Order

You can state the purchase code or order number in this field.

Calculate Cost InChoose the unit that you want to calculate the resource usage in, i.e. minutes/hours/weeks/months/uses from the drop-down menu.

Resource Rates - Field References

  • General - Details

Business*Enter the space name that will be linked to this resource rate. If you manage several spaces withNexudusSpaces, choose the one you want to link to this resource rate from the drop-down menu.
Name*Enter the name you want to give this resource rate. For example, "large meeting room", "3D printer usage", "parking space", etc.
Description*Enter a description that provides more details about the resource rate.
VisibleEnable this option if you want the resource rate to be visible on your account's space website.



Set the order that the resource rate is displayed on the space website. The lowest number appears first. If you leave this field blank, the products will be listed in order of price.
  • General - Resources

Resource Type*

Choose the resource type from the drop-down menu andNexudusSpaces will calculate the price of a booking for this particular Resource Type automatically, based on the Resource Rate. Depending on the settings that you configured for this resource type, a booking will be equivalent to one use or a number of minutes, days, months, etc.

  • General - Price
Price*Enter a price per hour/use for the resource type. If you usetimeto calculate the booking, invoices are raised for intervals of 15 minutes. For example, if the resource rate is $20/hour and a booking is made for 1 hour and 15 minutes, the cost would be $25 for the entire booking.
Maximum PriceThis field is for the maximum price for this type of booking. For example, if you set up a resource rate that is $20 and you set a maximum price of $50, when a booking for 4 hours is made, the member/contact will be charged $50 instead of $80, which would correspond to multiplying the price per hour for the total time.
Calculate Cost InChoose the unit that you want to calculate the resource usage in, i.e. minutes/hours/weeks/months/uses from the drop-down menu.
Is Default PriceIf there is more than one resource rate for the resource type selected, you should enable this option if you want this price to be used by default when a member books this resource type. This will be useful when you want to set prices for bookings of different lengths of time (e.g. half day or full day).
Currency*Choose the currency of the resource rate. It must be the same as the default currency that you are using in the space.
Tax RateThis field is for the tax rate that is applied to the resource rate when it is invoiced. In general, you should not fill in this field if the tax rate is set by default to the space account. You can set the general tax rate by going to Space Settings > Billing > Tax.
  • General - Available Times

Select the times that this rate is available. IMPORTANT: These are not the times that the resource is available, but the times that this rate is available.

  • General - Booking Length


Important: The required length of a booking for this price to be available. Heads up! This is not the min. and max. length of bookings for this resource. This price will be offered only when a booking falls within this lengths but it will not stop longer or shorter bookings from being made. Use the resource configuration to limit this.
Minimum lengthThe minimum length of a booking in the unit this resource is charged by (uses, minutes, days, weeks, months)
Maximum lengthThe maximum length of a booking in the unit this resource is charged by (uses, minutes, days, weeks, months)
  • General - Fixed cost

If the first part of a booking has a fixed cost, set its length here. For example, the first two hours, and this part's fixed cost.



Fixed Cost Length

Enter the length (in minutes) of the portion of the booking with the fixed cost.

Fixed Cost PriceIf you want part of the booking to have a fixed price, enter said price in this field.


  • General - Price Plan
Available for Members in

If you want to make this resource rate only available to certain price plans, select them from the drop-down menu.

Only For ContactsIf you enable this option, the resource rate will only be available for contacts.
Only For MembersIf you enable this option, the resource rate will only be available for members.

If you have multiple resource rates for a single resource type and the 'calculate cost in' option is different for each of them, the higher value will be used for calculation of the price. Example: You have resources rates for a meeting room which calculates in days and weeks. If a booking is requested for 9 days, the cost calculated will be for 2 weeks. Alternatively, two separate bookings can be made (week plus 2 days) if it is cheaper this way.



What is the difference between assigning resource usage credit and booking credit? 

 Resource Usage credit assigns a certain number of units that you're using for Resource Rates (minutes, days, weeks, months, uses), while Booking Credit provides an amount of money that will be used on the platform to pay for Bookings that are made by the person with that credit.  

Furthermore, when Resource Usage Credit is assigned to a particular Price Plan, it will be associated to one Resource Rate(Extra service). 


Booking credit can be linked to different Resource Rates when you assign it to a Price Plan.


In both cases, the Resource Usage or Booking Credit assigned can follow the Main Contract's renewal cycle or renew on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. 


When you add Booking Credit via a member's profile (on the Booking Credit tab), the member can use it to book any resource, regardless of the Resource Rate that corresponds to the Booking. What's more, you can set an expiry date for the credit and/or allow members to use it to buy tickets for Events.

How to create a resource rate for more than one resource.

A resource rate can be created for a resource type or a combination of resource types. The combination helps you to provide a rate to more than one resources or resource types. This is also helpful if you want to give resource credit that can be used for certain rooms and not one room in particular. Include all the resource types in the ‘resource type’ section of the resource rate. This is a multiple choice section so you can select more than one resource type. If you are creating this resource rate to provide resource credit, please follow the link here:

If you have each resource set-up as a resource type and would like to create a single rate for two or three resources, you should set-up the resource rate only once and include the required resource types in the ‘resource types’ section of the resource rate.