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What are Resource Types on Nexudus Spaces? 

Resource Types let you group together resources with the same characteristics. For example, if you have several similar meeting rooms in your space that can be charged at the same price (yellow room, green room, red room, etc.), you can add a resource type called "colour meeting rooms" and include the meeting rooms mentioned above. Using a resource rate, a price would be applied to bookings made to this resource type. This may seem confusing at first, but it will be really useful in the long run. Just imagine you want to change the price of the rooms (green, red, yellow, etc.). You would not have to change the price for each of the rooms individually; you would only have to change the resource rate that assigns the price to the "colour meeting rooms" resource type. Pretty useful, isn't it? 

It's generally a good idea to have as many resource types as services or products that you offer at different prices on your Nexudus Spaces account. 

Adding a resource type 

Adding a resource type is simple on Nexudus Spaces. Firstly, go to Space > Resource Types and click on the Add Resource Type button.  

  • Enter a descriptive name for the resource type. Click on the Save button in the top right of the screen. 

  • Lastly, check that the resource type has been added correctly to the list. 

How do I assign resources to resource types? 

As we've mentioned above, resource types group together resources that are going to have the same cost. When you add a resource on Nexudus Spaces, you can link the resource to a resource type in the resource general settings. 

Remember that a resource type can group together several resources but not other way round, i.e. a resource can only be linked to one resource type. 

Managing the resources in a resource type  

To view and modify the resources included in a certain resource type, you only have to view the resource type's details in the list Space > Resource Types.  

  • In the Resources tab, you can view all the resources linked to this resource type or add one directly by clicking on Add Resource.

Removing resource types from your Nexudus Spaces account  

You may sometimes need to remove a resource type from your Nexudus Spaces account for several reasons. You may have added it but no longer use it, or added it by mistake. In such cases, when the resource type is linked to a resource, you must remove or unlink it before you can delete the resource type. Otherwise you'll receive an error message.  

Once the resources linked to the resource type are deleted or unlinked, you will see that their records no longer exist in the list.  

Now you can delete the resource type using the cross icon on the list without any problems.  


IMPORTANT: Remember that deleting a resource type is irreversible. Once you have deleted the resource type you will not be able to recover it in your Nexudus Spaces account.