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What are Resources on Nexudus Spaces? 

A resource is any service or physical space that can be booked and which is charged to be used. An example of a resource could be a meeting room, an event room or a parking space. Resources are linked to resource types, which allow you to group together resources with the same characteristics. For example, if you have several meeting rooms that you want to assign the same price (yellow, green, red, blue rooms), you may find it useful to group them together with a resource type, e.g. "colour meeting room", and as such assign them all one price.  

It's generally a good idea to have as many resource types as services or goods that you offer with different prices in your Nexudus Spaces account. 



How do I add a resource on Nexudus Spaces? 

Adding a resource is simple on Nexudus Spaces. Go to setting up a basic resource in the first steps guide. This section will give you an overall view of how to configure resources.  

We presume that you already know how to set up a basic resource. In this section, we are going to look at more detailed and specific settings that you'll come across when using Nexudus Spaces to manage your space.  

Editing resources 

Once you've added your resources, you can edit a resource by going to the list Space > Resources.  

Resource availability 

When resources are marked as visible, they can be booked from the space website if you allow such in your Nexudus Spaces account. You can configure the times that they can be booked from the resource details on the dashboard. To do so, view the details of the resource that you want to edit, via Space > Resources.  

  • In the table showing the available timeslots, you can click on each day and add as many time bars as you want. When a member or contact tries to make a booking from the space website outside of the available times, he or she will receive a message stating that the resource is not available at that time. 

IMPORTANT: Remember that Nexudus Spaces account Administrators can ignore these limits and make bookings from the dashboard. 



Multiple bookings of resources 

It may sometimes be useful to allow multiple bookings for a given resource. In such case, you must state the allocation value in the resource's description, which will be the maximum number of simultaneous bookings that could be made for said resource. To do so, go to the list of resources via Space > Resources and view the details of the resource that you want to edit.  

  • Enable the Allow multiple bookings option and state the maximum number of bookings in the Allocation field. And click Save in the top right corner. 

  • When you make several bookings in the same time frame, you can see that they appear on the calendar in the following ways. On the dashboard:

  • And on the space website:

Linked resources  

Sometimes spaces have resources like meeting or events rooms that need to be blocked when one is booked. For example, you may not want the other meeting rooms to be available (or bookable) when an event is being held.  

On Nexudus Spaces, you can link resources so that when the main resource is booked, the ones linked to it are blocked for the same time period. For example, imagine that we have three meeting rooms (Green Room, Yellow Room and Red Room). The green room would be the main room that blocks the rest of them when booked, as it is located in a part of the space that makes the other rooms inaccessible when it is in use. Follow these steps to configure this setting: 

  • Go to list of resources via Spaces > Resources and view the Green Room details. 

  • In the Linked Resources field, choose the resources that you want to link to it. In this case it would be Yellow Room and Red Room.

  • That's it, they're linked. Now we are going to show you what would happen when the main room (Green Room) is booked. We've made the booking and on the dashboard calendar you can see that the main booking is shaded red and the linked resources are in grey. 

imagen: Linked Resources     Main Resource

  • If a member were to try booking one of the other rooms (Yellow or Red) from the space website, Nexudus Spaces will send a message stating that the resource is not available.

Resources and Events 

You can organise the events that are held in your space via Nexudus Spaces. These events are usually held in one of the space rooms (resource) and you may want to block it so that it cannot be booked by space members while the event is being held. Configuring this setting is easy, and you only have to choose the linked resource when you add an event on Nexudus Spaces. 

  • Go to Content > Calendar Events, and click Add Calendar Event. In the Resource field, choose the resource that you want to block for the duration that event will be held. 

App for tablet 

Your Nexudus Spaces account has an application to show the availability of your resources on a mobile device, like a tablet. This web app works with Android and iOS. You could put a tablet on the door of each of your meeting rooms to show the resource availability and so coworkers can make bookings.  

If the resource is not available, the app will show the next available time.  

The app always shows a list of all the bookings for that day.  

Installing this app is simple: 

  • Go to your list of resources in your space via Space > Resources.
  • Enter the iPad app URL in the tablet's browser.

  • Then, choose the resource access that you want to link to the tablet.

  • If you're using an iPad, click on the icon in the top right of the browser and choose Add to home screen, as shown in the image below. 

  • Click on the home button and search for the icon that you've just created from the Nexudus web app. Click on this icon to open the meeting room app to full screen. 

It could be a good idea to put the iPad or tablet in a case, if you want to make sure that your members do not close the app. You can find cases on this website.  

Calendars and Resources

Viewing resource features 

Your resources are sure to have services such as projectors, Internet, telephone, Wi-Fi, etc., which is worth showing on the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account. To do so, view the resource that you want to edit via Space > Resources. In the Features tab, enable the services that the resource has available. They will be displayed on the space website when the resource is set as "visible".  

When you enable features, they will appear on the website as icons. When you mouseover these icons, a brief description will appear. 


Resource limits 

The resources in your space can be configured setting certain limits for their bookings. It may be a good idea to set cancellation limits for bookings or limit booking certain resources to members that are signed up to certain price plans. To set these limits, you must view the resource via Space > Resources.  

  • In the Limits tab, enter the units in the fields that you want to set. Below is a description of each of the limits. 

  • Resource limits
Book In Advance Limit

If you want to limit the number of hours this resource can be booked in advance, enter the value in this field. For example, if you enter "24", the platform will only accept bookings for this resource from one day before the time of said booking. If someone tries to make a booking for this resource outside of this limit, he or she will receive the following warning message:

Late Booking Limit

The number of hours between the booking request and the booking time. For example, if you set "10" hours in this field and a member tries to book the resource only 5 hours before, he or she will receive the following message:

Late Cancellation Limit

Space members can cancel or modify bookings via the space website. If you would like to set a cancellation limit for making these changes, enter the amount of time in minutes in this field. When someone tries to modify a booking for this resource outside of this limit, he or she will receive the following warning message:

Max Booking length

Sometimes it could be a good idea to limit the maximum booking length for a resource. Enter the maximum number of minutes that this resource can be booked. When someone tries to make a booking for a period longer than the limit, he or she will receive the following warning message:

Min Booking length

In the same way as the field above, if you'd like to set a minimum booking length for booking this resource, enter the value in minutes in this field. When someone tries to make a booking for a period shorter than the limit, he or she will receive the following warning message:

Available for Members in

You may sometimes only want to make booking certain resources available to members signed up to certain price plans. In this field, choose the price plans that can book this resource from the drop-down menu.

  • Shifts

This option enables you to define a set defined booking slots for a resource. This can be helpful if you would like to have time slots instead of hourly selection. The system works in a way that when a booking is made, it checks if an access rule is applicable or not. If yes, it moves ahead and uses the rule limitations. If not, it uses the default settings under the resource limit. The shifts should be in a format: SHIFT 1: HH:MM->HH:MM, SHIFT 2: HH:MM->MM:HH The price will be calculated based on the resource rates set.

Example: If you have two shifts: Morning (9am to 1pm): 09:00->13:00, Evening (2pm - 6pm):14:00 -> 18:00. This will give the members the option to select from the two shifts available as shown in the figure below:

  • Adding an 'Access Rule'

Creating an access rule gives further flexibility in granting access to a resource. Example: the limits to booking might be different for the weekend, members for a particular price plan or a set of members.

Example: If you want that there is a minimum booking length for a Sunday booking, which is different than the rest of the week, you can create a 'Access Rule' for the that resource. Add Access Rule> Select the resource>Give it a name> Select Active (to make it functional)>Highlight Sunday hours for the resource in the 'Eligibility' section. Now add 120 in the minimum length field are and highlight the Sunday timings.

Note: If the booking falls under the access rule category, it uses the limits inside the access rule and disregards the limits section in the general resource section.

Can I link products to resources? 

You may want to offer additional products for resource bookings, such as a projector, audio equipment or catering. With Nexudus Spaces, you can offer these services via the bookings process. To do so, you must link a product to a resource. For example, let's assume that you want to offer hiring a projector when booking the Green Room. Firstly, you need to set up the product for the projector. If you need more information about how to create a product, you can take a look at the guide for adding products in the first steps section. Now we're going to show you how to add the projector product to the Green Room resource. View the projector product details in the product list via Space > Resources. 

  • Go to the Products tab and click on the Add Resource Product button.

  • Choose the product that you want to link to the resource. You can choose whether to invoice the product in minutes or request a quantity. Enable the Visible field if you want to show this option to members when they make a booking on the space website.  

  • Check that the product has been added to the resource list correctly. 

  • Lastly, check whether the projector product that you added appears when you try booking the resource (Green Room). 

Deleting resources

To delete resources from your Nexudus Spaces account, go to the list via Space > Resources. Click on the cross icon to delete an item.  

  • In this point, if the resource is linked to another resource in the space, you will receive the following warning message: You must unlink the linked resource. Go to the main resource and edit the linked resources field.

  • Then, remove the resource from the list. Now, Nexudus Spaces will allow you to remove it. 


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