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What do I need?

Before you configure this appliance, you will need a RADIUS Server license. You can reach out to to obtain one.

  1. Once you have the license, paste it in Space Settings > Integrations > Radius

  2. Save the settings and then click on "Manage Radius Servers".
  3. Click on "Add Radius Server" and give it a meaningful name and a description. Choose the correct appliance vendor

  4. Once the server is created you can access its details to get the IP addresses, port numbers and secrets to used in the configuration of the appliance below.

Each license comes with two geographically redundant servers for RADIUS Authentication and RADIUS Accounting. We will create these as close as possible to your physical location based on the data-centers we have available.

Configuring Aruba Controller

This page explains the configuration of Ruckus Cloud for external Captive  Portal and RADIUS server authentication.

Sign-in to the Ruckus Cloud portal and create a new Network. Select Cloudpath as the authentication method.

Configure RADIUS server details, Splash page URL, and Walled Garden list. You want to add the following IPs to your walled garden: (XYZ is the subdomain of your account as found in System > Spaces > your space name > Web Address.)