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What are price plans on Nexudus Spaces?

On Nexudus Spaces, the price plan feature automatically processes recurrent fees to space members. An example of a price plan is "permanent 24/7 desk that costs $200/month". Price plans can also include resource ratestime passes or booking credit for the members signed up to them. You can adjust a price plan's settings, e.g. "permanent 24/7 desk", so that it includes "large meeting room" for 5 hours a week or $20 of booking credit to be used for small meeting rooms. We'll look at all the possible price plan settings in more detail later on. At the moment, the most important point to know is that the price plan feature processes a recurrent fee to those signed up to it.


Remember, price plans don't necessarily have to be linked to resource rates, time passes or booking credit. This always depends on the model that you've set up in your space. You can choose from several price plan settings, so we recommend that you visit the price plan section for more detailed information about them.


How do I add a price plan on Nexudus Spaces?

You can add a price plan and assign prices easily on Nexudus Spaces. In this section, we'll show you how to set up a basic price plan. If you use more complex price plans in your space, visit the price plan section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base. 

Adding a basic price plan

  • Firstly, go to the price plan section via the dashboard home page: Billing > Price Plans.

  • Then, click on Add Price Plan.

  • Fill in all of the required fields, i.e. those marked with an asterisk (*). The rest of the fields are optional and can always be filled in once your price plan has been added. 

Guide to setting up price plans

  • General - Details


Enter the space name that will be linked to this price plan. If you manage several spaces with Nexudus Spaces, choose the one you want to link to this price plan from the drop-down menu.


Enter the price plan name in this field. It's a good idea to give the price plan a descriptive name so that members/users know what the price plan offers. Here are some examples: "Permanent desk", "Flexible desk - mornings", "Monthly price plan 20 hours". If the price plan is set as "visible", this name will be displayed on your space website.


Add details about the price plan that you are setting up in this field. This description will be displayed on the space website when the price plan is set as "visible". You can list all the services that the price plan includes (e.g.: 5 hours in large meeting room, locker, Wi-Fi, tea and coffee, etc.). If the price plan is set as "visible", its description will be displayed on your space website.

  • General - Price



Sign-Up Fee

Spaces often have sign-up fees for different price plans. Enter the sign-up fee in this field and Nexudus Spaces will include it on the first invoice that is automatically sent to the members that sign up to this price plan.


The amount entered in this field will be invoiced to the members that sign up to this price plan every time the billing period comes round. You can modify this amount at any time if your space prices were to change for any given reason. Remember, all the prices are VAT excluded. You can configure your VAT settings via Space Settings > Billing.


Enter a currency for your price plan. You don't normally have to modify this field because when you signed up you already chose your space's default currency. If you ever decide to change the currency, you can do so by going to System > Spaces > View this record's details > Settings > Currency.

Tax Rate

By default, there is a general tax rate that can be enabled, disabled or edited. Go to Space Settings > Tax.


This field lets you group different revenue sources together and obtain reports that can be exported in Excel format and used in other programs. You can create accounts via Billing > Accounts.

  • General - Renewal

Invoice Period*

This field controls how often the price plan is renewed, which can be weeks or months. For example, price plans can be renewed weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Invoice every (months)*

Enter the billing period. Enter the number of weeks or months that the price plan will be renewed (in accordance with the value entered in the invoice period field). The price plan feature raises an invoice by default on the day set for each member. For yearly invoices use ''months'' in the previous option and "12" in this field.

Default invoicing day

Set up a default invoicing day for the price plan. When you set up a default invoicing day for the price plan, it replaces the day that the member had configured on his or her Nexudus Spaces account.

Prorate Fees

If you have set a default invoicing day, you can choose to prorate the first invoice, depending on the number of days between the member signing up and the next billing day. This field allows you to set the maximum number of days between these two dates before the full price plan is charged on the first invoice. For example, if you enter "30", any member that signs up on any day of the month will receive a prorated invoice as their first invoice. If you enter "10", only those that sign up during the last 10 days of the invoicing period (10 days or less before the next billing day) will be charged on a prorate basis for their first invoice. If any member were to sign up on any other day, he or she will pay the full price.

Charge and Extend

This field allows you to indicate how many days are considered free when a member signs up very close to the billing day. For example, if you were to enter "3", any member that signs up three days or less before the billing day will receive an invoice for the price plan's total amount. The second invoice will not be raised in three days' time (i.e. on the billing day) but on the next billing day. For example, if the billing day is on 1st and Charge and Extend is set as ''3'', anyone that registers on 29th September receives an invoice on that day for the price plan's total amount and their second invoice would not be raised until 1st November instead of 1st October.

  • General - Additional Invoicing

Auto Raise Invoices

In addition to the price plan's normal invoice period, you can automatically raise invoices every given number of months. These invoices only include the price plan's additional charges. This feature is really useful for quarterly, six-monthly or annual price plans when you want to charge for the bookings and products that a member has used every month, instead of saving these charges until the next price-plan renewal period.

Invoice every (months)

Enter the number of months that automatic invoices are raised for additional charges.

  • Other - Details
Terms And Conditions

Fill in the general terms and conditions for this price plan. Members must accept these terms and conditions when they sign up via the space website.

Trial Period *

This field controls the number of days to wait before raising the member's first invoice.

Use Time Passes

Time passes are used to manage access to the space. Enable this option if you want to use this price plan to control access to the space during a given time. If you would like more information about them, go to the time passes section.

  • Other - Space Website

Enable this option if you want the price plan to be visible on your account's space website.

Display Order *

This field sets the order that the price plan is listed on the space website. If you leave this field blank, the order shall be set according to price. The lowest number is shown first (i.e. from 0-100, from top to bottom in the list).


You can display price-plan groups on your space website. Enter the name you want to give this price-plan group. Use the same name for the price plans you want to group together.

  • Limits - Details

You can set up time limits for each price plan, meaning you can adjust how they are used in detail. All of these limits are linked to "Time Passes" and "Space Check-In". For more information, go to the relevant help section. You do not need to configure these parameters in most cases. You do not need to configure these parameters in most cases. You only have to assign a time pass with the number of hours included in the price plan.

Check-In Price Plan Limit

Maximum number of check-ins during each invoicing period.

Check-In Month Limit

Maximum number of check-ins during a calendar month.

Check-In Week Limit

Maximum number of check-ins during a calendar week.

Hours Price Plan Limit

Maximum number of hours allowed during the price plan renewal period.

Hours Month Limit

Maximum number of hours allowed during each calendar month.

Hours Week Limit

Maximum number of hours allowed during each calendar week.

Subscribers Limit

Maximum number of members that can sign up to this price plan at the same time.

  • Limits - Cancellation

Cancellation Policy in Days

Members shall not be able to change or cancel their price plan if its renewal is in less than this number of days. For example, if the default invoice day is on the 1st of each month and we enter "15" in this field and a member were to try to cancel his or her price plan from the space website on the 18th of the month, he or she will receive a message stating that the action is not permitted.

Cancel Member Account after (days)

This field automatically cancels accounts belonging to members that have a payment pending. Remember that members receive notifications when they have payments pending. You can edit the number of days that these notifications are sent by going to Space Settings > Payments. Suspended accounts lose access to all website sections, except the payments section.

  • Discounts - Details
Discounts on Resources Prices

If you want to apply a discount to all of the resource rates for members signed up to this price plan, enter the discount percentage in this field. "Special prices" can also be set for assigning discounts individually by price plan and resource rate.

Discount on Check-Ins

This field is for the discount percentage applied to members of this price plan when they use a time pass that is not included in their price plan. You can also assign discounts to time passes individually using special prices. To find out more about these settings, go to the Time Passes section.

Discount on Charges

This field is for the discount percentage applied to members that have this price plan.