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called Resource Rates

What are resources on Nexudus Spaces?

On Spaces, the term resources applies to any physical space or service that is invoiced when used by members and contacts through the calendar. For example, a meeting room, an area where events are held, a print pass or parking space.

Resource Types:

Nexudus Spaces groups your resources by type, which is really useful when you need to manage them. Nexudus Spaces charges for resource usage, based on minutes, days, weeks, months or uses. This can be set-up in the Resource Rate section. For example, meeting rooms are usually invoiced in minutes. Nexudus Spaces accounts include some of the most common resources by default, such as meeting rooms, courses, etc. Remember that you can add as many as you want via Space > Resource Types.

It's a good idea to have as many Resource Types with different prices in your space. For example, you can have several meeting rooms that are the same size at the same price and group them together as one type of resource (i.e. small meeting room) or have several meeting rooms of different sizes and prices. In this case, you should add a resource type for each one (e.g.: yellow meeting room, green meeting room, red meeting room, blue meeting room, etc.).
The main advantage of using Resource Types is how easy it is to update the prices when you want to make a change. Here's an example, you have several meeting rooms with the same price and size grouped together under the resource "small meeting rooms". You would only have to change the price assigned to the resource type "small meeting rooms" and the change is applied to all of the rooms grouped together under this resource type.

How do I add a resource on Nexudus Spaces?

Setting up resources on Nexudus Spaces is quite flexible. In this section, we are going to explain the basics of this feature. For more detailed information, go to the Resources section on the Knowledge Base.

Setting up a basic resource on Nexudus Spaces

  • We recommend that you set up a resource type before setting up the resources. If you need more information about doing this, visit the Resource Type section on the Knowledge Base.

  • Firstly, go to the Resource section via the dashboard home page: Space > Resources.

  • Then click on Add Resource.

  • Fill in all of the required fields, i.e. those marked with an asterisk (*). The rest of the fields are optional and can always be filled in once your resource has been added. 

Setting resource availability

Once you've added your Resource, you will probably want to set up the hours that it can be booked. You just have to follow these easy steps:

  • Choose the resource you want to set up from the list of resources.

  • You'll find a table showing the timeslots available in the settings window. You just have to click on the day and time and drag the bar to limit the resource availability. When you enable the time bars, members will only be able to make bookings during those times from the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account. If you leave the table blank, the resource can be booked at any time.

By creating this availability table, the resource can be booked from the space website during the times set up on the bars. If you leave the table blank, the resource can be booked at any time. As administrator, you always have the right to make a booking through the dashboard or if you wish to book outside of the resource's available time. 

Assigning a price to a resource on Nexudus Spaces

You're probably wondering, "and where is the resource price?" We're glad you asked! To answer that question, we need to add a new concept, which we will describe in more detail in later sections, called Resource Rates .

  • What is a "resource rate"?

Nexudus Spaces uses resource rates to assign a price to a resource type. When a space member or contact makes a booking, Nexudus Spaces uses the resource type that has been booked to check if the booked resource should be invoiced per minute or per use. For example, a meeting room is usually invoiced in minutes, while a Microsoft Office course is usually charged per use/unit. We'll describe how to use the resource rates feature in later sections. This section explains how to add a resource rate and assign it to a resource type quickly.

  • Adding a resource rate on Nexudus Spaces

To add a new resource rate, you must go to Billing > Resource Rates and click on Add Resource Rate.

  • Fill in the required fields: name, description, display order, resource type, price and currency. We'll explain all the possibilities available for resource rates in the following sections. 

Congrats! You've set up your first resource rate on Nexudus Spaces! If you've been following the First Steps guide until now, here's a brief summary of what we've looked at:

  • Your account should have your space logo, contact details and some photos and should be linked to your social media accounts.

  • You should have added one or several price plans that you have in your space and some resources. 

  • You should have also set the Resource Rates that assign a price to the Resource Types.

We're just one step away from setting up the basics. Now, go to the next section to add a product on Nexudus Spaces.

Guide to setting up resources

  • General - Details


Enter the space name that will be linked to this resource. If you manage several spaces with Nexudus Spaces, choose the ones you want to link to this resource from the drop-down menu.


Enter the resource name in this field. It's a good idea to give the resource a descriptive name so that users know the difference between resources. For example, if you have several meeting rooms, instead of using "Room 1, 2, 3,4" try using colours (e.g. yellow room, green room, red room, etc.), historical figures, city names, etc.

Resource Type *

Choose the type of resource that will be linked to the item that you're adding. For example, if you have several meeting rooms at the same price, you can group them together under the resource type "small meeting rooms" or "large meeting rooms".

Allow Multiple Bookings

Enable this option if you want to allow simultaneous bookings for this resource. The maximum number of bookings possible will be limited to the allocation.


Maximum number of simultaneous bookings that can be made for this resource.

Linked Resources

When you link resources and a booking is made for the main resource, the resources are blocked and displayed as unavailable during the booking period.

Global iCal Feed

Use this address to sync information about the resource with external platforms like Google Calendar.

  • General - Space Website



Enable this option if you want the resource to be visible on your account's space website.

Display Order*

This field sets the order that the resources are listed on the space website. The lowest number appears first.


If you want to group resources together on your Nexudus Spaces space website, enter the group name in this field.

  • Description - Details


Enter a description of the resource. When the resource is marked as "visible", this information will be shown on the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account.


Add a resource photo. When the resource is marked as "visible", this photo will appear on the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account along with the description.

  • Features / Details / Food and drinks / Security / Environment

This section shows the features that this resource has available using icons. The icons will be displayed on the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account when the resource is set as "visible". Enable all the services you want to be displayed.

  • Limits - Details

This section lets you set specific conditions for booking this resource. Remember that these limits are optional so you don't need to fill in these fields to add the resource if you don't want to set any limits.

Book In Advance Limit

Enter the maximum number of hours that this resource can be booked in advance. For example, if you put "10" in this field, the resource can only be booked 10 hours or less before the start of the booking.

Late Booking Limit

Enter the maximum number of hours permitted between the booking request and its start time. For example, if you put "2" and a member tries to book the resource an hour before, the platform will send him or her an error message.

Late Cancellation Limit

Enter how late members are able to cancel or modify a booking from the space website, in minutes.

Maximum Booking Length

This field sets the maximum number of minutes that this resource can be booked.

Minimum Booking Length

This field sets the minimum number of minutes that this resource can be booked.

Available for Members in

If you want to limit resource booking to certain members, enter the price plans that can book this resource. If not, you can leave this section blank and all members will be able to book it.