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What are Spaces on Nexudus Spaces? 

The Spaces section gives you access to your Nexudus Spaces account details, such as invoicing and contact details, address, etc. If you manage more than one coworking space from your account, you can configure the details for each of them in this section. We will look at each field in detail below: 

Accessing Spaces 

On the dashboard, go to System > Spaces > View this record's details next to the space that you want to edit. 

IMPORTANT: If you manage more than one space from your Nexudus Spaces account, you'll see the spaces listed here. Click on the View this record's details icon to access the space that you want to edit. 

Now, we're going to describe all of the aspects that you can manage in this section: 


The General tab shows information about your Nexudus Spaces account. You can edit your invoicing and contact details, space address, etc.  

Remember to click on Save every time you make any changes to the settings. 

Spaces - Field References

Field Name
Name*Enter the name that you registered your Nexudus Spaces account with. You can change the name at any time, provided that the new name is available.
Backend language

Choose the default language for the dashboard from the drop-down menu. Bear in mind that this will be the general setting for your space and all users (administrators) will see the dashboard in the language that you choose.

A quick way to change the dashboard language is by adding /?lang=es (for Spanish) or /?lang=en (for English) to the end of the URL in your browser.

Space Website LanguageChoose the default language that you want to apply to your Nexudus Spaces website from the drop-down menu. Your website can be available in Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Portuguese and French.
Root LocationWhen you manage several spaces with Nexudus Spaces, this field displays the root location of the space that you are viewing. If you only manage one space, this field will be blank.
Web Address *This field will be used as the URL for your Nexudus Spaces website. This address will have the format You can edit it at any time, provided that your new name is available.

  • Billing

Default Payment GatewayYou should only use this field if you have integrated payment gateways with your Nexudus Spaces account. In this case, select the payment gateway you would like to use as default on your account. You can also manage your payment provider settings via Space Settings > Payments.
Current Invoice Number

This is the last invoice raised by your account. If you would like to reset the invoice number to 0 at any time, you can do so by editing this field.

Invoice Number FormatNexudus Spaces issues the invoice number series C{0}{1:00000} by default, in which {0} is your coworking space identifier and {1:00000} is the invoice number, resulting in C7518511100001 for example. If you would like to set a different invoice number series, such as INV0001, you would have to enter "INV{1:0000}" in this field.
  • Contact

This section includes your coworking space's contact details, which will be shown in the "Contact" section on your Nexudus Spaces website. 

AddressEnter the coworking space address that you want to be displayed in the Contact section on your space website. This address will be used to locate your space on the map that's displayed on your space website.

Enter a contact telephone number in this field. It will be displayed in the Contact section on your space website.

FaxEnter a Fax number if you would like it to be included in the Contact section on your space website.
Email ContactIf you enter an email address in this section, it will be displayed in the Contact section on your space website.
Web Contact

If you want have a link to another website in the Contact section on your space website, enter the URL in this field.

Enter the URL preceded by http://, e.g.

Country*Choose the country where your coworking space is located from the drop-down menu.
  • Settings


Choose the currency that your coworking space will operate in from the drop-down menu. This currency will be used to invoice price plans, products, day passes, etc.

Simple Time Zone *

Choose the time zone that your coworking space is located in from the drop-down menu. This setting will be used on the Bookings Calendar linked to your Nexudus Spaces website.


Choose the logo that you want to use for your coworking space. It will be displayed on your Nexudus Spaces website and the Invoice template.

To make sure your logo is displayed correctly in the navigation bar, we recommend setting the dimensions to 225 pixels wide x 60 pixels tall. You should use png files with a transparent background so that the logo integrates seamlessly.

About the Space 


In this section, you can include the space description, general terms and conditions and welcome message. Now, we are going to describe each of the fields: 

  • Details - Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions

Enter your coworking space's terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will be displayed when members sign up via the space website. Members must accept them when they log in to the private area for the first time. These terms are different from Price Plans conditions.

  • Details - Short Introduction

Short Description

Enter a short description of your coworking space in this field. It will be displayed in the footer of your Nexudus Spaces website. We recommend that it is a concise as possible, because if it is too long the footer height would increase and it will not be displayed correctly.

  • Details - About Us

About Us

Enter a description that will be displayed in the About Us section on your Nexudus Spaces website. Use the graphic editor to add style to the content, including images or external links.

  • Details - Welcome Email

Welcome Email

Enter a welcome message in this field, which will be sent when a member or contact signs up to the space website. You can use the graphic editor to give the text some format or add images. You can edit the rest of the Welcome Message by going to System > Email Templates.


This tab shows the Users that are signed up to your coworking space. If you would like more information about how they work, go to the Users section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base.  


This section displays the invoices raised for your Nexudus Spaces subscription. You can check the invoice details and download them in PDF format. Click on the View this record's details icon to view a particular record.  


On the next screen you can use the More Actions... drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen to print the invoice in PDF format. You can also use this menu to pay the invoice via PayPal if you haven't provided payment details to automate the billing process. 

Using your own Domain - Additional Domains 

In this tab, you can enter your own domain, which will be used for your Nexudus Space website. By default, your Nexudus Spaces website's URL is but you can use your own domain if you prefer, e.g. To do so, you must configure your additional domain on your Nexudus Spaces account and adjust your domain host settings, which we'll explain below.  

Pointing your DNS to Nexudus

In order for your domain name to point to Nexudus, you need to make some simple changes in your DNS settings for that domain. Depending on what domain you want to redirect to us, the steps are slightly different:

  • Redirecting a naked domain (for example: or
    1. Add a "A" record to your DNS settings pointing your root domain (usually referred to as "@") to the IP
    2. Add "CNAME" record to your DNS settings pointing your "www" subdomain to
  • If, instead, you want to redirect just a subdomain to Nexudus, for example "", you can just add a CNAME record:
    1. Add "CNAME" record to your DNS settings pointing your subdomain to For example, if you are redirecting "" add a CNAME record for "members."

Configuring an additional domain 

Click on the Add Business Domain in the Additional Domains tab

Fill in all of the required fields and click on Save to complete the process. 


IMPORTANT: add both "" and "" as additional domains.

Space *If you manage more than one space with Nexudus Spaces, choose the space that you want to link to the additional domain from the drop-down menu.
Name *

Enter a name for the domain in this field.

Domain URL *

Enter the additional domain URL that you want to link to your coworking space, e.g.

You may also like to include another additional domain with "www" in the URL. Set up is the same, but the address is in this case.

ActiveEnable this option if you want the domain to be active as soon as it is set up.
Active FromEnter a date in this field if you want the domain to be active from a given date.
Active untilIf you want the domain to be active for a limited period of time, enter the date that it will be disabled in this field.
Ssl ProxyEnable this option if you are using a reverse proxy to handle SSL connections. For example, if you are use CloudFlare as per the instructions below.


Once you have set it up, you'll see that it appears on the Additional Domains list.  

Once you have done this, you must go to your domain host (1and1, GoDaddy, etc.) and adjust the settings: 

  • You need to create a CNAME record for the subdomain (without www) in the DNS settings, and enter the address

Why some pages still show the domain?

Chances are that those pages transfer sensitive information such as payment details or the member personal details. This means that Nexudus recognizes those pages and makes sure that they can only be loaded over HTTPS. This requires a SSL certificate for the domain name displayed on the browser. If you want your own domain to be displayed on those pages, you should make sure your own domain uses an SSL certificate to encrypt this data.

You cannot install your own SSL certificate in our servers, but you can use a service like CloudFlare to proxy your domain through them before it hits our servers. CloudFlare offers a free SSL certificate for all domains, even in their free package.

If you are using your own root domain with CloudFlare, you should not point an A for the naked domain (@) to "". Instead, delete the A record for the naked domain and add a CNAME pointing to CNAME record in the root domain are allowed in CloudFlare.

If you are using CloudFlare, you can enable SSL in Full mode and create a Page Rule to force all pages to use SSL.

Enable the "SSL Proxy" option in the additional domain settings in your Nexudus account if you are using a reverse proxy to handle SSL connections. For example, if you are use CloudFlare as per the instructions below.

Google Captcha, Google Maps and AddThisEvent plug-ing

When you use your own domain, these three services will require you to request your own API key. You can request these and link them to your Nexudus account from Both Google Captcha and Google Maps have free usage tiers which will be usually enough. AddThisEvent will require you pay a license when using your domain.

Multiple locations in Nexudus

Multiple locations can be handled easily within Nexudus. One admin account can be an administrator for all spaces. In addition one admin per space is also possible. We would create a global account which will be a master account and all spaces details can be accessed from one login. The Global/Master account is free of charge!

At login, you can select the space you want to manage:

To get back to this screen at any time, you can click 'Your space' in the right had side

In the space website, these locations will be available to select in the location tab and coworkers can select the space

There are certain things that we ensure that help you differentiate the accounts like using a prefix for a space. We use this prefix for the resource rates, resources, time passes, products, invoice etc. You can choose to have a separate invoice for each space.

Once the spaces have been added, these spaces can be accessed at: System > spaces

If you would like to enable multiple locations, please get in touch at for the best advice in proceeding with this set-up.