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What are Time Passes on Nexudus Spaces?

Time passes assign a price for the "right" to access the space. 

NOTE: a time pass does not charge based on time as its name may suggest. Also, bear in mind that time pass usage is linked to checking in and checking out on the platform. When aspace member checks in, Nexudus Spaces uses the available Time Passes to know how much to charge the member. If you don't use the check-in and check-out feature, Nexudus Spaces is not able to verify when the member is in the space and control when the time passes are used.

Time passes can be based on days or time. What does that mean?

A day pass is valid for a calendar day, from midnight to midnight. Members and contacts with a day pass can check in and check out as many times as they want during that day. Nexudus Spaces will only count the first check-in and the last check-out made that day.

The other option is to assign a minute-based pass. Minute-based passes hold a certain number of minutes that members or contacts can use the space. This type of pass is valid for several days, as long as the total minutes consumed does not exceed the total on the particular pass.

When you create an account on Nexudus Spaces, you will see that it already has the most frequently used passes by default: i.e. 24-hour pass, full day pass, morning passandafternoon pass. These passes are usually enough for most price plan models. However, you should remember that you can add as many passes with specific conditions as you see necessary.

How do I add a Time Pass?

Both day and minute-based passes can be added via Billing > Time Passes from the dashboard on your Nexudus Spaces account. 

Adding a day-based time pass

  • To set up a day-based time pass, go to Billing > Time Passes and click on Add Time Pass.

  • Then, fill in the required fields and click on the Save button.


  • Lastly, check that the time pass has been added correctly to the list of time passes. 

Editing time pass options (available hours and special prices)

In addition to the various settings available when setting up a time pass, once you have added one to your account, you can modify its availability and special prices for members signed up to certain price plans. Now we're going to show you how to do each of these processes:

Setting up availability

You can configure time pass availability by viewing the time pass details via the time pass list. For example, if a morning pass allows a member access to the spacefrom 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and he or she were to try to check-in at 4.00 p.m., he or she would receive a message explaining that he or she does not hold a valid pass. To set availability, view the details of the time pass that you want to edit. Then, on the table showing the Available Timeslots, click the days that you want and define the slots. 

Assigning special prices to time passes

You may sometimes want to assign a special price for a certain group of members signed up to a price plan. You can use Special Prices to do so.

  • View the time pass details and then go to the Special Prices tab. Then, click on Add Time Pass Price. 

  • Select the price plan linked to the special price from the drop-down menu and enter the price in the corresponding field. Then, click on Save

  • Lastly, check that the special price has been added correctly in the time pass details. 

Time Passes and Space Check-In

NOTE: You don't have to use time passes if you don't want to. If you don't use Check-In and Check-Out in the space, Nexudus Spaces will not use them.

Great! Now you've assigned time passes to space members/contacts, but how does Nexudus Spaces know when to use the time passes? The answer's in the check-in. Time passes are closely linked to space Check-In and Check-Out. When a member/contact checksin tothe space, Nexudus Spaces verifies if he or she has a valid pass forthe space at that time. If he or she does not have a valid pass, the platform will reject the member/contact check-in. 

If, when checking out, the member does not have a valid pass for the day and time that he or she wishes to leave the space, Nexudus Spaces will look for the most affordable option available and will charge the member automatically. If thereareno valid time passes on your account, the Check-Out will be saved in the records but will not be invoiced. You will receive notification of the member's check-out. 

There are several ways that members can check in on Nexudus Spaces: using cards or an RFID reader, via the space'sWi-Fi or a door access control system or you can check them in manually using the check-in module on your Nexudus Spaces dashboard. For more detailed information about these processes, please go to the Check-In section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base.

Time Pass - Field References

  • General - Details


Business* Enter the space name that will be linked to this time pass.
Name*Choose a name for the time pass. We recommend that it is as descriptive as possible, as it will help you with your day-to-day space management. For example, "morning pass", "24-hour pass", "afternoon pass", "40-hour pass", etc.
Counts Towards Plan LimitsIf you enable thisoption,when a member signed up to a price plan with time limits uses this pass, the time of the stay would be counted towards this limit.
Valid inIf you manage more than one coworking space from your Nexudus Spaces account, the time pass can be used in as many spaces as you want. Choose the spaces where you want this time pass to be valid from the drop-down menu.
  • General-Price


Price* Set the time pass price when sold separately to a member/contact and not as part of a price plan. Time passes can be sold via a single product, bundles, or can be directly included in a price plan. They can also be sold individually, and in this case, will take on the price you enter in this field.
Minutes IncludedIf you leave this field blank, the time pass will be valid for one calendar day. If you would like the pass to have a certain number of minutes, enter the value in this field.
CurrencyEnter the currency of the time pass. You don't normally have to modify this field because it will be based on the default currency configured in youraccountSettings.
Tax RateYou must only edit this field if the time pass tax rate is different to the rate you have set for your space by default. You can check this setting via Space Settings > Billing > Tax.
Account"Accounts" on Nexudus Spaces allow you to group different revenue sources together and export this data to other accounting software that you may use in your space.


Special Price

If a particular time pass has a special price for within a price plan other than the price mentioned in the 'General' tab, you can add this here. Select the time pass, price plan and the cost of the time pass.


Multiple Time Passes

If a member or contact has more than one time pass, we will use them in based on the following rules and in the following order.

  • Those time passes which can be used in space they are checking in. Use the “Valid in” field when creating the time pass to specify in which locations it can be used. A time pass with no spaces in the “Valid In” field can be used in any space as long as the member or contact is “Registered with” that space.
  • Time Passes included as part of the price plan are used before those added/sold manually.
  • Time passes linked to fewer spaces are used before those linked to more spaces or where the “Valid in” field is blank.
  • Time passes with more remaining time are used before those with less time