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  1. White-label Mobile App

    In order to publish a version of the Passport App for members under your name and organisation, a few steps must be followed to get your iTunes development account. This will eliminate any problems setting up your accounts with Apple. You must have a DUNS Number When you set up your iTunes Developer account you must en
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  2. How-to's

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  3. How-to's [day-to-day space management]

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  4. How-tos [first steps]

    In this section, we'll explain how to add a new account on Nexudus Spaces and the first steps you need to take to set it up. Remember that we can help you with your basic account settings at no extra cost if you send us information about your space (price plans, rooms, products, prices, etc.). How can I recover
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  5. Google Analytics

    How to integrate Google Analytics with your Nexudus Spaces account? You can link your Nexudus Spaces account to Google Analytics, which allows you to have better control over your website's traffic. You just need to obtain
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  6. Editing or cancelling a booking via the space website

    Members or contacts that have a username to access the space website can edit and cancel bookings that they make via the website. To do so, they must first access their online account. image2016813 18:0:53.png Then, they must go to the My Bookings section and click on the booking that they want to edit on the calendar.
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  7. Making a $1 test payment

    In this example, you're going to test the Test gateway to see how it works: Add a charge of $1: A simple way to test the gateway is to add a Charge to a member and invoice
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  8. Access Tokens

    the internet. Access tokens simply provide internet access for a certain time period. How do I add an Access Token? Adding an Access Token is simple. Go to Space
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  9. Xero

    What is Xero? Xero is a cloudbased accounting software. You can read more detailed information on Xero's website How can the integration … Nexudus Spaces account via the dashboard. How can I integrate Nexudus Spaces and Xero? Firstly, you'll need to open an account on both of these platforms. If you
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  10. Visitor and Event Registration with NexIO

    to the space. NexIO has also an "Events" mode so you can list all your upcoming events. Users can register for any of the events directly within the app. How does
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