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What's Adyen?

Adyen lets your members pay with a credit, debit card and may other local payment methods directly on your site. When using Adyen, invoices are marked as paid automatically after a successful transaction and they get marked as refunded if you cancel or refund a transaction in your Adyen account.

You can enable Adyen payments by accessing your account settings. In the Payments tab, fill your account name, skin code and the HMAC key for that skin. You can get all these details from your Adyen account back-end.


Support for Adyen is limited and only available for backwards compatibility. You should use any of the other supported providers.

In addition to this, you must configure the notification URL in the notifications settings in your Adyen account:

The notification URL should be as below. Please contact us to get your authentication code.


Make sure you enable the checkbox "Active" and also to change the Method to "HTTP POST".


  • Countries it can be used in: Worldwide

  • Currencies supported: USD, EUR, GBP

  • Automatically collects payments?: NO

  • Automatically marks invoices as paid after successful transactions?: YES.

  • Automatically marks invoices as refunded after successful cancellation/refund?: YES.

  • Reminds members to pay invoices?: NO.



We never (ever) store credit card details in our servers. Although all communications with our servers are encrypted using industry standard methods, we never store your members’ card details and we always rely on the payment providers to this for us.


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