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What are Email Templates on Nexudus Spaces?

Your Nexudus Spaces account automatically sends a series of notifications when certain actions occur, such as when a member or contact signs up, a booking is made, a new invoice is raised, etc. All of these messages are sent using templates that you can edit via the dashboard by going to System > Email Template Files.  

What notifications are sent via the platform? 

You'll see a folder for every language available on your Nexudus Spaces account in the Email Template Files section. The following languages are available by default on your space website: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Catalan. You can also edit the email template files in each of the languages.  


Note: Each member or contact is sent notifications in the language that is configured on their Nexudus Spaces account. They will also view the space website in that language by default. 

Below, we'll describe each of the notifications that are sent automatically: 

  • Booking Confirmation: This notification is sent when a booking is made via the space website. If you would like to disable this setting, you can do so via Space Settings > Bookings

  • Booking Reminder: Booking reminders notify members or contacts of their booking sometime before it is to start. You can enable or disable this notification by going to Space Settings > Bookings on the dashboard. By default, if you enable the Send Reminder option, an email will be sent 24 hours before the booking starts. If you would like to edit this value, enter the number of minutes in the following field. 

  • Check-out reminder:This message is sent to members that have not checked out at the end of the day, when you use the Check-out module linked to your Nexudus Spaces account. You can enable or disable this notification by going to Space Settings > Features on the dashboard. 

  • Low Access Credit Warning: When a member has low access credit for the space, this notification informs them that additional credit can be bought from the Additional Products section in the private area on the website. 


IMPORTANT: You must set up a Product with access credit so that members can buy access credit from the space website.


Settings: Go to Space Settings > Features, where you can enable or disable the option Notify when falling below this number of hours. By default, the platform will send users an email when they have fewer than 24 hours credit when they check out. You can modify the 24 hours by editing the following field.

  • New blog comment:This notification informs users when there is a new comment on a blog post on your Nexudus Spaces account. 

  • New Contact (Welcome Message):There are two templates for welcome messages for new Members and Contacts, as each profile is different. 

You can also send the welcome message via the dashboard at any time if you were to need to do so. Go to the contact list and select the record. Run the option Send Welcome Message from the More Actions... drop-down menu. 

  • New Credit Note: This message is sent automatically when a credit note is raised. If you disable the option Notify on New Invoice for the member or contact, this message will not be sent to them. 

  • New event comment: This notification informs users when there is a new comment on an event posted on your Nexudus Spaces account.

  • New Invoice: This message is sent to users when an invoice is raised on your Nexudus Spaces account. You can configure several settings for this notification. 

  • New member/contacts: When you go to the dashboard via Space Settings > Payments, you can disable the option Notify new users when they have an invoice. 


IMPORTANT: Remember that this setting only affects the field Notify new invoices for new members or contacts by default.

  • Changing the settings for a particular member/contact: Every member or contact profile has the field Notify on New Invoice. Go to the member or contact profile that you want to edit and go to the Billing tab

  • Send an invoice manually via the dashboard: You can use the More Actions... drop-down menu and run the action Send by email at any time.

  • New Wall Message: This notification is sent when there is a new post on the space wall. 

  • Payment Failed: This message is sent to members that have a payment method configured but payment is not made successfully. You can configure how often this message is sent by accessing Space Settings > Payments and entering a value in the field Remind members to pay every.

  • Payment Subscription: This notification sends a direct debit request to the space member. You can send it at any time from the member list. Select the record and run Send Direct Debit Sign Up Email via the More Actions... drop-down menu. 

  • Reset Password: This notification is sent when the user requests to reset their password via the space website. 
  • Terms and Conditions Agreed: On your Nexudus Spaces account, you can include some general Terms and Conditions for the space, which members and contacts must accept when they access their account for the first time. If you would like more information about this setting, go to the Spaces section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base. 
  • Ticket purchase: This notification is sent when users buy a ticket for an Event via the space website. 

Note: When the event is free, the ticket is automatically sent when the purchase is made. If it is a paid event and the person purchasing a ticket is a member, the ticket will be sent automatically. However, if the user is not signed up, an invoice is firstly raised for the ticket, which is sent automatically when the invoice is paid.

Editing an Email Template File 

Editing an Email Template File is simple. Go to System > Email Template Files and open the language folder and template file that you'd like to edit. Then, use the graphic editor to edit the content as you wish. To complete the process, click on the Save button in the top right of the screen. 


IMPORTANT: Remember that the templates have dynamic tokens that you'll see between {}, for example {businessname}. These elements are dynamic data that must remain between {}. If you'd like to add any field in particular, we'll describe each of the tokens below:

Dynamic tokens in messages

  • {fullname} - Member or contact full name. 
  • {salutation} - Greeting/nickname field.
  • {custom1} - Custom fields, you can configure them via MRM > Custom field.
  • ..... you can use all custom fields with the format {customX} with X[1-30]
  • {custom30} 
  • {address} - Contact address. 
  • {nextbillingdate} - Date of the next bill that will be raised for the member. 
  • {nextpriceplanprice} - Price corresponding to the value configured in Next Price Plan on the member's primary contract. 
  • {priceplanpricetariffname} - Price  The name of the Price plan the member is signed up to.{priceplan} - Price plan price plan that the member is signed up to. 
  • {nextpriceplanpricenexttariffname} - The price name of the price plan the member is moving on to in the next renewal
  • {nextpriceplan} - Price plan that the member is moving on to in the next renewal
  • {keyFobNumber} - Key fob number.
  • {cardNumber} - Access card number. 
  • {billingName} - Billing name
  • {accessCardId} - Access card number if you're using Check-In via RFID cards.
  • {postcode} - Post code.