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What is is a platform that enables one-off or recurring payments via any device. Coworkers can provide their payment details, which will store, so that you can send a payment request for the invoices raised via Nexudus Spaces. Once invoices are paid, they are marked as paid on your Nexudus Spaces account. Using Forte integration you can collect payments via bank transfer and credit card. However the refunds of any kind will have to be manually done from the Forte account dashboard.

How do I configure the integration on Nexudus Spaces?

You need to open a account (if you haven't done so already) so you can use this integration on your Nexudus Spaces account. You can do so via this link. Then, follow these simple steps to link your account with your Nexudus Spaces account:

Setting up Forte in Nexudus:

  1. Go to Space Settings > Payments > Forte (Credit Card and ACH) and fill in the required fields:
  • Use Sandbox Servers (1): Enable this field if you want to offer payments via on your Nexudus Spaces account in a testing environment. If this is enabled all the details in the other fields should be for the testing environment. (testing and proper payment details are different) In non testing environment, this option should be disabled and 1/2 option to enabled
  • Offer CC Payments (2): Enable this option so Credit Card transactions are handled via If you would like to be used for bank transfers, leave this option disabled. 
  • Offer eCheck Payments (ACH) (3): Enable this option so coworkers can enter their bank details to pay their invoices via bank transfer. eCheck transactions will then be handled by Forte. If you want Forte to handle Credit Card payments only then this option should be disabled
  • API Transaction Secure Key (REST) : These details should be provided to you by

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IMPORTANT: If in configured from the Billing > Payments section on the dashboard and you need to return a payment, you'll have to do it from your dashboard.

You can also use only for bank transfers and have payment gateway for Credit Card payments.

You must also remember that you'll need a payment gateway in case you want to enter members payment information from the back end or let members update their payment details without having to wait for an unpaid invoice.

How do space coworkers enter their payment details? 

Once you've enabled the integration, coworkers can pay their invoices via their private areas on the space website or configure their payment details so that they are charged automatically when invoices are raised. They can do so in the Payment section of their private area, clicking on the Pay with card button that directs them to a window.  

Remember that when coworkers have provided their payment details, you can request invoice payment at any time via the general list, using the Pay with stored card icon. 


The integration does not automate refund processes. For example, if you refund an invoice via Nexudus Spaces, you can do so using the More Actions... drop-down menu at the bottom of the general invoices list. You must also refund the payment made using your account. On the other hand, if you refund a payment from, you must also make sure that you refund the corresponding invoice from your Nexudus Spaces account.  


IMPORTANT: We never store credit card details on our servers. Although all of the communications with our servers are encrypted in accordance with industry standards, we never store your coworkers' credit card details on our servers. The details are stored by the payment service providers that you integrate with your Nexudus Spaces account. 


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