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What is Digital Signature, eSign or eSignature.

The digital signature process enables any member or contact to sign any type of document through your member portal. This sign process includes the required steps and language to make it legally binding. When a user signs a document via your portal, the signed copy of the document is automatically forwarded to the user as well as attached to the member or contact record so you can easily access it at any point.

How does Digital Signature work?

You can ask users to sign pretty much any type of document but the recommended formats are PDF and Word documents. It is possible to also use scanned images.

To attach a document and request the user to sign it click on the "Files" tab for any member or contact and then click on "add member file". You will need to provide a name and description for the file. Both will be displayed in the email notification and on the screen displayed before the user signs the file. Ensure you enable the option "Request Digital Signature" but, unless you want to make the unsigned files available to the user, you don't need to enable "Available to User".

When you send a document to a user for them to sign we will notify them using an email which will include a link to sign the document. This link will lead them to the relevant section of the space website where they will be able to preview and sign the document.

When the user clicks on the link, they will be asked to log in using their member or contact email and password, after they successfully log in they will be presented with a preview of the document and a placeholder to sign it.

You will see the "HelloSign" logo when doing this as that is the partner we use to ensure the digital sign process is legally binding. You do not need a HelloSign account yourself.

After the user has completed the signature process they will be returned to your website with a confirmation message.

Shortly after that they will receive a notification with the signed copy of the document for their records.

Lastly, the same document will be automatically attached to the member/contact "Files" section for your own records.

How much does it cost?

Using the eSignature feature will add a $15/month + $0.5/signature request charge to your account. Even though we use HelloSign to help with this process and ensure the signature is legally binding, we will provision this account for you and you will not need to have a HellpSign account yourself.


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