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Access to the coworking space, i.e. Check-In, is managed by Time Passes on Nexudus Spaces. These are the elements that you need to link on your SALTO Keys as a Service account to grant the access rights that you want depending on the coworkers in your space. On SALTO Keys as a Service, you can use different Groups to manage the different types of Time Passes or Resources that you've configured on your Nexudus Spaces account and link them later.  



Your Nexudus Spaces account has some Time Passes configured by default. For example, you have a 24-hour Time Pass, a Morning Pass or an Afternoon Pass, which can be sold to coworkers separately or via a Product or Price Plan. In such cases, if you want to link these elements, you have to create three groups in your SALTO Keys as a Service account: Members with 24/7 access, Members with morning access and Members with afternoon access. Then, when a member accesses the coworking space using SALTO Keys as a Service, it will check that they have a valid Time Pass that grants them access. 


  • Groups: On your SALTO Keys as a Service account, you can set up as many groups as you need to integrate with Nexudus Spaces, indicating the access rights that you want to grant the coworkers linked to each group. If you want to add a group in SALTO Keys as a Service, you must complete the steps below. Remember, you will need a group for each type or level of access. Normally, you will need a group configured for each of your private offices/rooms, for each of the meeting rooms you rent as well a general group for those members with access only to the common areas. 

    You will later link each office in your floor plans, each meeting room and each time pass to one of these groups


  1. Log in to your SALTO Keys as a Service account at

  2. Click on the Access tab

  3. Click on "Add Access Group"


Look for the SALTO Keys as a Service section and activate Enable, Save, to continue, click on the Configure SALTO button.  


The app will ask you to log in with your SALTO Keys as a Service credentials.  


When linking an item from your floor plan to a salto access group, anyone with an active contract linked to that floor plan item will be added to this group. This works across teams too, which means that by linking the paying member's contract to an item in the floor plan, you will be granting access to the SALTO group linked to that floor plan item to everyone who is in that team. 

Salto tag numbers should be added to the ''Access Card Id'' field in Member/Contact account > Integrations. Hit enter to see the green box around number entered > Save   

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