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NexDelivery is a companion mobile app for Nexudus administrators that is available on iOS.

What is NexDelivery?

NexDelivery is a mobile app that allows you to scan and process postal delivery labels. The app will recognise labels, scan them and process them so they look as sharp as possible so the text is easily legible. In addition to that, NexDelivery will upload the scanned label to your Nexudus back-end and create a delivery entry for you. This delivery will have the image of the scanned label added to it which will enable us to optically recognise the text (OCR) on the label and try to match it to a member account.

How does NexDelivery work?

You will need to download and install the app on your phone. At this point, only iOS is available.

  1. Once the app is installed, launch it and log in using a full admin Nexudus account.


    You cannot use a regular user account to access Nexdelivery. When you open the app, you will need to log in using a full admin account or, at least, an account with the following permission: CoworkerDelivery-Create.


    Make sure the account you use to log in is registered with just one space. Deliveries scanned with NexDelivery are added automatically to the location the user you use to log in is currently managing. Whilst it is possible to use an account linked to more than one site, try to avoid this to ensure deliveries are recorded consistently at the correct location. The name of the location is always displayed at the top the screen as you scan a delivery.

  2. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to grant the app access to your camera.

  3. You should now see a live camera video. Point the camera to a delivery label, about 15cm away from the label. The edges of the label should be almost aligned with the edge of the picture on your home. If we detect a label, we will highlight it in an orange rectangle.

  4. When the orange rectangle is around the label, keep your phone steady for a second or two. You will notice the camera will take a picture automatically and you will be presented with a cropped, enhanced and aligned version of the label. If the details of the recipient are clearly visible, click on "Upload Delivery Scan", otherwise try again by clicking on "Scan Again".

  5. When you click "Upload Delivery Scan". The app will immediately let you scan another label while, in the background, the image is uploaded to your Nexudus account. A delivery entry will also be created and the process of recognising the text in the label will commence shortly after that. This process converts the scanned label image to text and tries to math its content with your member and customer database. This process is, as you can imagine, not perfect and can fail if the delivery details don't match any records or math multiple records in your database. We will do our best, we promise!

    You can see your deliveries from Home > Deliveries:

  6. Members and other customers can also access the list of deliveries assigned to them from My Account > Deliveries.

NexDelivery is part of your Nexudus Spaces subscription and does not incur you or your customers any extra cost.