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What are proposals on Nexudus Spaces?

A proposal represents a potential sale of a contract and some products. Proposals can be sent to potential customers for them to review and accept before an actual contract and products are added to their account. A proposal has basic information about a potential contract for one of your plans as well as, optionally, one or more products to be added to the customer account if the proposal is accepted.

A proposal is always attached to a member or contact record but can be reviewed on your website even if the member or contact has no user account yet.

Proposal Status

Proposals can be drafted, sent, accepted and rejected.

  • Draft. The proposal is being worked on and has not been sent to the customer yet.

  • Sent. The proposal has been sent to the customer. A email template is used to do this (Proposal) with a link to your website so the proposal can be reviewed and, optionally accepted.
  • Rejected. The proposal has been rejected by the customer.

  • Accepted. The proposal has been accepted by the customer. This creates a contract with the details in the proposal and adds any products part of the proposal to the customer account.

How do I add a proposal on Nexudus Spaces?

Adding a proposal for an existing member or contact

Proposals can only be added to existing members or contacts.

For existing members or contacts on your Nexudus Spaces database, access the member's profile, go to the Proposals tab and click on the Add Proposal button. In the Details section, choose the price plan that you want to link the contract to and fill in the required fields.

When you add a new proposal, you will need to save it first in order to add additional products to it.

Sending a proposal.

When you save a new proposal, we won't email it out to the customer just yet. You have to use the "more actions" menu in the proposals list to send it out.

When you do so, the customer will receive a notification by email with a link to review the proposal.

Clicking on that link, opens the proposal on your website. The proposal summary screen will show the details of the proposal, any notes you have included with it, a link to download the files you have attached as part of the proposal as well as a link to accept it and sign up as member using it.

If the customer accepts the proposal, the responsible person for the proposal will be also notified about this.

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Accepting a proposal will add all items in the proposal to the customer account. This includes a contract for the selected plan as well as any products you may have added to the proposals. If the proposal has a start date defined, the contract start date will be set to such data. If the proposal start date was left blank, the contract will be set to start the day after the proposal is accepted.

After accepting the proposal, the customers will be guided through the regular sign-up process. They will be offered to choose additional products if that option is enabled in your account as well as to enter payment details.

Their account will be kept on hold if the option to do so is enabled in your account.