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How do I add a new subscriber group on Nexudus Spaces? 

As we've already mentioned, a subscriber group lets you send specific content to a certain segment of people. That's why there are some groups on your Nexudus Spaces account by default. 

  • Currently in the space: When you use check-in via Wi-Fi, Nexudus Spaces recognises the users that are in the space in real time. You can use this group to send a notification about something that is happening in the space at that moment. 
  • Newsletter: Everyone that has subscribed to the newsletter via the space website. 

You can view all the newsletter subscribers by going to Content > Newsletter via the dashboard.  

  • You can view the subscriber groups by going to Content > Newsletter Subscribers > Subscriber Groups.

Adding a subscriber group 

You will sometimes have to add your own subscriber lists to send certain information to a specific group of people. To do so, go to Content > Newsletter Subscribers > Subscriber Groups and click on the Add Subscriber Group button.  

  • On the next screen, enter the name of the group and click on the Save button.

  • You can check that the Subscriber Group was added to the list. 

Smart Groups

When creating a subscribers group, you can configure it to automatically include members, contacts, users who made bookings, users who purchased event tickets, visitors and all the paying members for every team with merged invoicing.

To do so, activate the relevant options in the "Smart Groups" section:


When you create a new group or update the "Smart Groups" section for an existing subscribers group, it can make a few minutes for the list of subscribers to be updated.

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