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What is the Space Website on Nexudus Spaces? 

Your Nexudus Spaces account comes with a complete website for your coworking space, which is linked to the dashboard. It includes features such as the events and bookings calendar, directory, resource list, blog, etc. We offer you a white label website with access to its files via the dashboard so that you can customise it. Another of the Space Website's main characteristics is that it is modular, so you can activate enable or deactivate disable most of the sections via the dashboard. You can also control the access rights for each of the space website sections via the dashboard, granting all users or a certain group access to the different sections.  

Accessing the Space Website 

Via the browser 

Enter the space website address into your browser: 

Via the dashboard

You can access the space website linked to your Nexudus Spaces account via the Space Website shortcut on your Nexudus Spaces dashboard.  

What sections does the space website include? 

As we've already mentioned, the space website has many features, all of which are linked to the dashboard. The main features are: 

  • Home page: The main section on the space website displays a brief description of the space, a slideshow of the photos that you include from the dashboard, products, list of price plans, upcoming events and the latest blog posts. There are also shortcuts to other sections, such as bookings, directory and the sign-up form. 
  • About us: This section displays the space description that you include on the dashboard. The slideshow that appears on the home page and a directory tag cloud are also displayed on the About us page. 
  • Help: Space members can send messages about any problems in your space. You can answer them directly and close off the issue when it has been resolved. 
  • Events: This page shows the events that you post from your Nexudus Spaces dashboard. Remember that you can set up tickets for your events, which can be obtained or bought via the space website. 
  • Calendar and bookings: Members and contacts can view resource availability and book resources from the space website. You can also sync the calendar with a Google Calendar. 
  • Directory: The directory shows member and contact profiles that are set as public on your Nexudus Spaces account. You can choose whether you want member or contact profiles (or both) to be public via your dashboard. You can also view team profiles on the directory. Lastly, the directory is linked to the community board on the space website and members can send messages directly to other profiles.
  • Community Board: This tool lets members from your community communicate with one another, start threads, and mention other people in threads, etc.
  • Space Resources: Meeting rooms, events rooms and other resources can be booked in your coworking space and can be viewed on this section of the space website. You can update the information from the dashboard. It will be posted automatically when you set the resources as visible.
  • Blog: This section shows the content that you post from your Nexudus Spaces dashboard. You can use the blog to keep website users up to date with the latest news in your coworking space.
  • Contact: This section displays the address that you set up on the Nexudus Space dashboard next to a map. Users can also message you via the contact form. 
  • Private Member Area: Users have a private area where they can update their profile, pay online, change their price plan, check their allowances and buy additional products. 
  • Online Payments: Users can pay online for services and products via your space website when you have a payment method configured on your Nexudus Spaces account. 

Can I customise the Space Website?

Yes, you can! It's a white label website, which means that we give you access to its files (html, css, js) so that you can customise it via the Nexudus Spaces dashboard. If you want to access these files, go to System > Web Templates.