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General Questions

  • How can I publish/hide a profile on the space directory?

Members/contacts can choose to publish their profile from their online account. As an Administrator User, you can also deactivate the profile via the dashboard by accessing their profile via the Profile tab.

  • Can I restrict access to different sections on the space website?

Yes, go to Space Settings > Access, then select the access rights you want to give each section on your Nexudus Spaces website. You can decide if you want the account to be public, or only accessible to logged in users, members or contacts.

  • How can I delete photos that I've uploaded to the space website gallery by accident?

Go to System > Web Templates and go to the Image Gallery folder. Click on the Delete icon that appears when you mouseover any of the files.

  • What is the correct size for slider images?

1170px x 450px.

  •  I already have my own website. How can I integrate modules from my Nexudus Spaces account to it?

We will give you an access code for the template. That way you can edit the website's appearance. One option would be to change the appearance of the sections that you want to link to your current website so that end users do not notice a change in their browsing experience. Another option, which we don't really recommend, would be to include those sections that you need on your website via an iFrame.

  • Can I change the layout of my Nexudus Spaces website?

Yes, you can access the template files via System > Web Templates. Furthermore, you have a Dropbox integration that lets you sync those files so that you can work in your preferred editor if you don't want to use the Nexudus Spaces file editor. Lastly, if you need any help changing the template's look&feel, you can contact us at We will study your case in detail and offer you a quote.

  • Do I need to create a custom page using HTML or is there a simpler way?

Custom pages have a graphic editor that lets you add content to them. To access it, once you've created the custom page, click on the "Advanced" button in the template editor. You'll see the graphic editor on the next screen, which lets you easily add content to the custom page.

  • How can I change the About Us page template?

View the space's details via System > Spaces. Then, go to the About the Space tab. The About Us field controls the content displayed in the About Us section on the space website. Include the information that you need in this field.

  • What files does the Dropbox integration sync?        

Common Files, the Image files folder and custom pages, where available.

  • I am using my own domain but when coworkers access the Log In URL, still appears in the address bar. Can I mask this URL?

The URL for pages with sensitive content, such as those that display personal information or payment details or payment pages must have a higher level of security. We manage and pay the security certificate for these pages, which means that it uses our domain. If you're using your own domain, you'll see that once you log out and leave these pages, the domain goes back to your own.

  • Can members and teams be displayed in alphabetical order in the directory?

Not by default, but if you write to us at, we can tell you about how you can make a small edit to the template so that you can display them alphabetically.

  • Can teams fill in/edit their profile from the private area on the space website?

No, at the moment team profiles can only be edited from the Nexudus Spaces dashboard.

  • What is the easiest way to change the main colour used on the space website?

You can find the template in the css.css file, by going to System > Web templates and replacing the element #primarycolor with the colour that you want.

  • How can I change the space website's favicon?

You will need to update a png version via System > Web Templates > Image Files and then reference it from your master.master file.

  • How can I delete a custom page?

You can delete custom pages by clicking on "Advanced" in the custom page editor.

  • Can I control the order the images are displayed on the home page carousel?

The carousel images are displayed in the order that you uploaded them to your Nexudus Spaces account.


Customising the space website

  • Can I change what the invoices raised by Nexudus Spaces look like?

The invoice template code is available via System > Web Templates > invoice.htm.

  • How can I change my space website's logo?

You can change your logo via System > Spaces > View this record's details. Click on the Upload File button at the bottom of the screen.