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Nexudus Subscription

  • Do I have to manually change my subscription when there are more coworkers in my space?

No, we bear in mind how many "active members" are onyourNexudus Spaces account every billing period. This means you don't need to edit anything or change your account settings when the number of coworkers in your space changes.

  • How can I edit my payment details (credit card)?

If you would like to edit your subscription payment details, send us an email at However, if the card you entered has expired, it will be deleted automatically.

  • Where can I download the invoices raised for my Nexudus Spaces subscription?

You can download the invoices raised for your NexudusSpaces subscription by going to System > Spaces and then the Invoices tab. You can view and print all of your subscription invoices in PDF format.

  • I am using the free version (up to 5 members) and I would like to add more members. How can I upgrade my subscription?

You do not need to edit any of your account settings to add more members. NexudusSpaces always takes into account the "active members" on your account during every billing period. If you would like us to help you import a batch of members, we have a template available for that. You can email us at:

  • How can I edit my coworking space's billing details?

You can edit your coworking space's billing details on the dashboard via Settings > Billing.

  • I entered my payment details but my card was declined. How can I resolve this problem?

Check that the card you used has not expired and has enough credit to pay the invoice. Try to contact your bank and see if they can provide you with any additional information about the error. You can email us at Remember that you can also pay for invoices via PayPal.

  • How can I cancel my Nexudus Spaces account?

Email us at and we'll do it for you.

  • What is an "active member" in relation to the Nexudus Spaces subscription?

Active members are those paying for a regular product or service, signed up to a price plan or regular payment contract and who have been invoiced or made a booking in the last 30 days. Anyone else will be regarded as someone who was 'dropping by' and won't be invoiced.

Account Settings

  • I need help with my account settings.

Feel free to email us information about your price plans, rooms, products, etc. at Over the past few years, we've helped hundreds of clients set up their accounts and we believe it's the best way for us to see how the platform can help you in your coworking space.

  • Can I import a batch of members to my Nexudus Spaces account?

Yes, you can! Send us an email at and we'll send you our member import template.

  • Welcome email for the members end up in the SPAM folder

Making a change in your DNS settings could help this. You need to add a TXT record with this value "v=spf1 mx a ip4: ip4: