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What is the Network based Check-In? 

One of the advantages of integrating your space's Internet connection (Wi-Fi/LAN) is that you can automate the Check-In and Check-Out process. Also, you will get more detailed information about how members use your space. It also makes it easier for you to keep control of price plans that have more limited usage.  

When a user connects to your space network using their computer, tablet or smartphone, they will be asked to sign in with their username and password before they can access the Internet. When the user logs in correctly, Nexudus Spaces checks them in to the space.  

As well as automating coworkers' checking in and out, the Check-In has other advantages for your space: 

  • Directory: The directory on your space website is linked to the Check-Invia Wi-Fi and shows which coworkers are Checked In in real time. This is useful when a coworker wants to know if another coworker is already in the space. 
  • Reports and KPIs: Another advantage of using the Check-In feature on Nexudus Spaces is that you can generate detailed reports on how your space is used. This lets you find out the type of user that uses your space the most or when the space is at its busiest. 
  • Notify "Currently checked in": You may sometimes want to send a one-off notification or message everyone that is in the space about something that is happening at that time. When you use the Check-In via Wi-Fi option, you can send a Newsletter to the members that are checked in to your space at any given time. 
  • Check-In app for iPad: The Nexudus Spaces Check-In app for iPad lets people who are visiting your space find the coworker that they're looking for in your space. They can then use the directory to send a message to that person. You can also save the visitors' contact details in your Nexudus Spaces database so that you can get in contact with them at a later date. 

How does the Network based Check-In work? 

In addition to the hardware requirements that we'll look at later, the Check-In via Wi-Fi is directly related to Time Passes, which you can set up via the Dashboard. If you would like more information about how they work, go to the Time Passes section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base. When the member Checks In with a valid Time Pass, Nexudus Spaces will check if the user is still online every 15 minutes. When the coworker is inactive for more than 15 minutes, the platform will check them out.  

When someone is signed up to your space, Nexudus Spaces can identify every device that he or she uses. Once the device has been authorised once, the platform will let him or her access the network without having to enter their details every time, as long as they have valid time passes to access the space.  

Is there any other way to let users access the Internet? 

You can also let users access your Internet via an Access Tokens or Time Passes.

Time Passes

You can find more information on the Time Passes section. Time Passes can be sold directly to a member/contact or they can be included in a Price Plan as well.

Access Tokens 

You can also let users access your Internet via an Access Token. This feature is explained in more detail in the Access Tokens section on the Nexudus Spaces Knowledge Base. These codes provide users access to the Internet for a given time period.

Remember that  Check-Ins can also be performed manually, using RFID cards or integrating an access control. Check-In via Wi-Fi is one of the most popular, given its ease and its level of automation.

What do I need for the Network based Check-In? 

As we've mentioned already, you need to set up Time Passes to use the Check-In via Wi-Fi. You will also need to install a special router in your space that supports MikroTik (MT) or one of the RADIUS based vendors we connect to.