What are Deliveries on Nexudus Spaces? 

Deliveries let you keep track of the post and parcels received by each of your members and customers. The deliveries module can record each delivery, notify members as these are recorded and also optically recognise delivery labels (OCR) to attempt matching them to someone in your members and contacts database.

You can use NexDelivery for iOS to quickly scan, upload labels and record deliveries in your Nexudus account. This will automatically start OCR processing of those labels and members will automatically be notified if we find a match.

How can I add a delivery?

You can register a new delivery from the Home page in your dashboard, clicking on "Deliveries", in the Quick Access menu.

Click on "Add Delivery" at the bottom of the page:



Space*The space this delivery was received at.
Member/ContactThe member or contact this delivery is for. You can leave this blank if you don't know yet who the delivery is for. If you do so, we will show this delivery as unassigned in your dashboard so you remember to assign it to someone. If you choose a member or contact, we will email that person letting them know they this delivery has been received.
LocationThe name of the location within the building where this delivery should be picked up from. It is included in the email notification.
Received ByThe name of the person who received this delivery on behalf of the member or contact.
NotesAny notes you want to include in the notification to the person this delivery is for.
Delivery LabelIf you have an scan or picture of the delivery label, you can include it using this field. You can use NexDelivery to speed this process up: Postal Deliveries - NexDelivery
CollectedIndicates the delivery has been collected.
Requires SignatureIndicates this delivery requires the member or contact to sign before collecting it.
SignedIndicates this delivery has been signed and it is ready to be collected.

What happens when I add a delivery:

If you have selected a member or contact for the delivery and it has not been marked as "Collected", we will then send a notification email to the member or contact the delivery is for to let them know about it. Otherwise we will leave the delivery as unassigned and flag it on the home page dashboard.

If you have not selected a member or contact for the delivery but you have uploaded an image of the delivery label or used NexDelivery to capture that image, we will attempt to read the label and find a match in your Nexudus database. Any deliveries which we have attempted to find a match for will be marked as "Processed". This means that, if you find an assigned delivery that has been processed, you will need to manually assign a member or contact to it.

Once a match is found or you manually assign a member or contact to the delivery, we will send them a notification:

Members Portal

Members can also see their own deliveries on the portal / space website by going to My Account > Deliveries. They will be able to see the details for each delivery, the arrival date, whether it was collected already a copy of the scanned label.

Team Deliveries

Sometimes you will want to notify several people when a delivery arrives. You can use a combination of "Teams" and the option to "Notify on Team Deliveries" found in the "Integrations" tab for each member. When a delivery arrives for someone in a team, we will notify not only the customer assigned to the delivery but everyone else in their team with this option enabled.